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[Nov 14, 2012] BNE partial solar eclipse (morning ride) (Brisbane, Queensland)

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Nov 12, 2012.

BNE partial solar eclipse (morning ride)
Start Date: Nov 14, 2012 06:00
End Date: Nov 14, 2012 09:00
Time Zone: Australia/Brisbane +10:00 AEST

Mount Coot-tha

Brisbane, Queensland

Posted By: jd

Confirmed Attendees: 0
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  1. Not really viable for me to get to Cairns for the total eclipse this Wednesday (the 14th), but figure even a partial eclipse is worth getting up early for. Action starts around 6am, peaking at 7 and finishing up around 8am.

    So planning on going for a ride up to Mount Coot-tha, on the basis that it's the best spot I know of nearby with a good clear view to the East (unless someone has a better suggestion).

    Meet point would be the McDonalds at Milton (the TNR ride meet point) for a 5:45am deparature - aiming to get up the top of the mountain early (around 6am) just in case other people have had the same idea. Would then just simply sit around for an hour or so taking photos and talking bikes till the eclipse had well and truly peaked, followed by a short run back down the mountain early enough (hopefully) for people to still get to work on time and/or avoid peak-hour morning traffic. Though if anyone's keen to ride somewhere else my day is free :)

    If anyone's interested, then let me know (otherwise I'll likely just skip the meet point and go straight up there).

  2. Although that sort of hour is not my natural habitat, I'm keen.

    Although I must mention that I'm due for a baby soon so I can't commit to anything, at all.
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    I'm up for this one JD! I will see you bright and early in the morning!

    Where do we get the eclipse safe glasses from?
  4. You could try somewhere like one of the Australian Geographic shops, although welding goggles or mask will also work. More popular option tends to just be punching a small hole in a piece of aluminium (cut the side out of a drink can) then using that to project an image onto a piece of white paper.

    Personally I'll just be using two polarising filters on the end of a camera lens as an infinitely variable neutral density filter. Should be possible to make something similar out of the glasses they give out for 3D movies - just remove the lens from one eye and place it over the other. You may need to try rotating it a bit to get the maximum amount of darkness, as I'm not really sure how well-aligned the polarisation is on those things.
  5. hmmm will have to have a look
  6. Welding mask and sunglasses behind that should do the trick, however I still think you should not look at the sun directly, so a projection onto a piece of paper will be just as great. Or a telescope if you can lug one up there.

    This is my projection of the Venus transition, using a telescope and polarised sunglasses strapped to the end of the eye piece and projected onto a white piece of paper. Turned out okay using a mobile phone camera!

    transit of venus.JPG
    transit of venus1.JPG
  7. What makes anyone think I might own welding glasses???
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  9. Binoculars will work much like a telescope, and I've got a small pair I can easily bring along.

    You can just buy the glass for welding masks from anywhere that sells welding supplies for only a couple of bucks a piece. Probably going to be a lot easier to find short notice than eclipse glasses, just be sure to get the darkest glass (#14).
  10. I will have a go....I'm at work all day. Do you think Bunnings might sell it? I have one just down the road from work.
  11. Bunnings might sell the less dark welding glass, which combined with sunnies is possibly okay. I would think it'd stop enough UV and visible light, though not sure about Infrared. I will have an IR camera with me though, so should be easy to check :).
  12. Think I lucked out on eyewear for tomorrow.
  13. That was fantastic JD, I didn't expect it to look as amazing as it did. I am so glad I went with you guys at such an ungodly hour to see it!!
  14. Thanks too for the pleasant company and yes it looked great. Looking forward to TNR.
  15. Just a thought JD, i think if you adjust the relative orientations of the 2 polarized lenses you might get a different amount of light passing through... unless you already knew that. And no use now since the eclipse is over, haha.
  16. Yep that was the idea of the two polarised filters (one circular polarised, one linear polarised) - but I had them at the darkest setting and ideally would have liked darker still. But it's not like I have a need to photograph the sun on a regular basis :p

    But, for those who chose to sleep in, here's what you missed:
    That's pretty much the peak of the eclipse as far as Brisbane saw it.
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  17. And here's what it was looking like about the time we got to the top of Coot-tha
  18. Nice sunspots.
  19. Naise! but i wonder whats the causing that purple edge there in the peak eclipse photo.
  20. Infrared light. Polarising filters for cameras don't really work down in the IR range. The IR cut filter on the CCD is enough for this not to be an issue in normal photography, but it's a very different story when the camera's pointed directly at the sun.

    Easy enough to remove by playing with the colour balance, but I actually don't mind the purplish tint.