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Notice to All Straight line Heroes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FALCON-LORD, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. When a rider on a bike with a third of your engine capacity eats you in the twisties and then rolls off on a straight, performing a losers flyby does not make you look cool.
    And doing it when approaching a known Police ping point is just DUMB.
    If the particular rider who did this is a netrider and reading this, I was laughing well before you got pinged, and was at you being a wanker not getting pinged. Sorry to see you get nabbed there.

  2. What bike?
  3. What bike has 3 times the capacity of mine and is a favorate of straight line heroes?
  4. Ahhh GSXR750... sorry, thought you were talking approximates.

    Wasn't the blue and white colour scheme, was it? :grin:
  5. I find that story endlessly entertaining.

    What a cock.
  6. Dead right mate.

    You shouldn't be allowed a big bike until you can corner safely, quickly and competently on a little one. D*ckheads on R1s and GSXRs who go around roundabouts in installments (the roundabout isn't 50 cent-shaped you know) the burn you off on one wheel on the straights should be made to ride scooters until they learn how to do it properly.

    Ahhhhhhhh, that's better......... :)
  7. I ride a GSXR-750 but am certainly not a wanker! Although opinions on this issue vary depending on alchohol consumption and who you talk to. If you truely were 'eating' him in the twisties on your ZZR I'm impressed. If I were Prime Minister I would declare that he should give you his bike in exchange for yours. Of course, being Prime Minister, I'd have to devise a tax for that as well.

    Unfortunately there are a few people of the type you witnessed who love nothing better than to get passed you on a long straight then hold you in the fun parts without the consideration to wave you through. YES they are wankers! But he still has to live with the fact that he got show up through the twisties by a sports-tourer 2fiddy.
  8. How can anyone suck so much as to be eaten by a ZZR250 in the twisties? I've 'beaten' litre bikes on a 250cc in the twisties, but only because I was more confident, and 'beaten' in this context means being able to stay ahead while the corners are tight and closely spaced; anything larger just eats a 250 the very second the road straightens even slightly, just in normal acceleration out of the corner.
  9. I used to do loads of track days in the UK, and soon discovered that the quickest way around most race tracks was on a RGV250. It takes a fair amount of confidence and skill (neither of which I have in spades) to chuck a GSXR around, so I traded mine in for an RGV and was usually amongst the fastest riders on any given day.

    Now I'm old of course, I am forced by law to ride a VFR800 (badly). With a topbox.
  10. ..... and then, he woke up and realised........
  11. Can I put my usual spin on it?

    I can relate to this a little, as I ride a big bore bike. There have certainly been instances on the track where a smaller bike (even a 250), ridden by a better rider, has overtaken me on the twisty bit. Does this mean that I'm then expected to slow down on the straight because of it?

    So this guy's not a great rider, probably lacks the experience and FALCON-LORD took him in the twisty stuff fair and square. But on the straight, the guy with the 750 took off.

    You do what you can - some is due to your ability, some to the bike's.

    But maybe I misunderstood (honestly) if he was carrying on like a tool then he was a tool ...
  12. Rgvm250 Im still faster at most tight tracks on a 'V' than I am on a 1000 all P plate riders should have to do a year on a stroker it taught me how to survive on a bike and how to recover from a tank slapper..
  13. On my most local convenient twisties, I'm faster on my 250 than my 650, by a fair amount - and the 650 has much better suspension and twice the power.
  14. Ah, tank-slappers. I'd forgotten all about them!

    Christ......how scary is a slapper on an RGV? I was made of sterner stuff then.
  15. if it makes you feel any better, i'd eat you in the twisties. :grin:
  16. You eating me in the twisties would not make me feel any better. It's a generous offer though, and I appreciate you stepping forward.
  17. I eat twisties
    and chips
    and cheezels.............
  18. The track is for racing, not the road, The sooner people get this in their head, the better of we will all be. I am always hearing talk of this guy beating that guy. It is sad if the only way you feel like youre a man is to carve someone up on the road, ive been on big bikes, small bikes, fast ones, slow ones. When im out on the road for fun, im not usually thinking about how i stack up against other riders. If a 250 is coming up behind me, ill let em go. I am not in competition with anyone, and i dont care if they think less of me by being passed. Im sick of seeing people put others and themselves at risk, just so they can feel like the man. In the end, the road is unpredictable, and dangerous, some people go into corners at 80 to 90 percent, good on a track, but what are you gonna do when something appears on the road with less than a second to react, youre gonna get f##ked up unless there is a miracle.
    Not trying to put anyone down, just trying to put some reality back into things.
  19. I'd give it 11 out of 10 for scariness... I love my RGV :LOL:
  20. most importantly was he up on one wheel?

    maybe you should be thanking him for being your radar bait
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