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Nothing, nothing at all....help

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Prisoneroflove, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. Hi, can I please have some advice. My bike didnt start this morning. The bike did nothing at all when I press the start button. Nothing. No sound, no fire up sound, nothing. However, all my lights (neutral, sidestand etc) are on so i checked the starter thing under the seat and found that I blew the fuse in that so I changed it but still nothing I then clutch start the bike a few times but it just fired up a bit but still wouldnt start. What is wrong????? Do i need to change something else in that starter thing...

    Thanks to anyone who can help me out.

  2. Im no mechanic but how old or what condition is the battery in? You may need to check the power levels it is storing as it may not be enough to crank the bike.
  3. Is the kill switch in the run position? It won't start if it's not.
  4. I just had something simillar to that, have you checked your sparkplugs? Replaced mine and it fixed the problem.
  5. killswitch engage
  6. Did the starter solenoid click?

    Check your fuses, battery voltage and then the starter solenoid. Check the earth on the killswitch and sidestand switch.

    if it was running perfectly yesterday, it's bound to be a simple fix.

    if the killswitch or sidestand switch is earthing out, you wont hear boo, but you'll get lights etc.

    if you can hear a click when you hit the starter button, it's more likely to be either dud battery, or something wrong with the starter.

    if you can't pushstart it, you have battery or earth issues. try checking the voltage drop when you start it and see how you go, you need at least 11v to function properly...
  7. Tell us first of all what the bike is. If it's a Honda of most sorts, it's pounds to pennies that the voltage regulator has carked it and taken the battery with it.
  8. My battery is brand new and so is my regulator and so are my spark plugs. But could I have killed my spark plugs from clutch starting it so many times? as Im sure I clutch start it around 15 times obviously without any luck.
  9. Hi, whats an EARTH on the killswitch and sidestand switch?

    Also can anyone tell my where the spark plugs are located because i have taken 2 fairings apart already and cannot see the bugger anywhere. Its a CBR250RR. And when i do find it, how do i know that the spark plugs are gone? Thanks all.
  10. For starters, it won't be plugs. plugs will misfire and cause problems with idle, but all 4 won't go at once.

    the issue is down to battery and whether or not you have an earth problem.

    you need to check the switches for conductivity to the chassis (earth) in the on and off positions.

    have you checked the battery voltage? what is the voltage when everything is turned off, and what voltage is the battery when you are cranking over the bike.

    the fact it isn't cranking has more to do with the voltage of the battery and the current getting to the starter.

    you need to check the electricals, the main fuse and a bunch of other things like the wiring connections etc. Make sure all is in good order and then start your diagnosis.

    If you havent got a multimeter, you're pretty much going to be up the creek in troubleshooting electrical issues.

    get hold of one, and at least check for voltage to the starter relay, start switch circuit, and fuses. check them with a multimeter for resistance, and make sure all the connections are clean, and free of corrosion.

    a CBR witing harness isn't massive, but you will need to go through it systematically to ensure you're eliminating things in the right order.

    Download the CBR pdf manual. you'll need the circuit diagrams.

    Honda MPE sell the genuine manual, with all the addenda also, if you prefer the printed kind. Unfortuneately, mines in brisbane, so I can't refer to it, though it's much more clear than the pdf download.

    Remember, it's a process of elimination. tackle one bit at a time and start with the battery, and fuses, regardless of the fact that everything might be new or not.
  11. ok . Firstly I have bad news for you. You will find the spark plugs under the fuel tank (four of them). I really wouldn't bother with that anyway. Cos the spark plugs only come into play when the starter motor turns the engine over.

    If you by clutch start mean roll start. Then which gear are you in. Probably will work better in 2nd. If still no go then you may have flooded the bike (too much fuel in engine) leave for ages then try again. OR and most likely if lights come on brightly (other than kill switch), The side stand switch may be dodgy. (it is a safety switch to stop you riding with the stand down) Even if the switch is dodgy the bike should still start with the clutch pulled in! NEVER start your bike assuming it is in neutral!

    my cents2