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Nothing ag Harley Riders but it's funny & childish I kno

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by generalyuehfei, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. The position of the dirt bag.

  2. See I would've said "nothing - they both suck", but that's better
  3. You can actually get cheap parts for a Hoover?

    Hoover suck, Harleys BLOW!!

    Hoovers do more than just make noise...

    Hoover have actually updated their design since the 1950's...

    It's easier to push a Hoover.

    Hoover riders actually nod?
  4. Re: Nothing ag Harley Riders but it's funny & childish I

  5. <sherlock>I'm beginning to get the impression you don't like Harleys, Inci.</sherlock>

    Interesting to note that the softail models combine to vastly outsell any other roadbike family in this country. Scary innit?
  6. Only if you are sufficiently misguided to consider them motorcycles, as opposed to vastly overpriced, overrated pieces of tacky pop-art.
  7. lol but can you imagine ... all the saggy _itted old dragons hanging around hoover heaven :)) buying up chrome bits and add ons .... live to vacuum ..t shirts and hoover jewlery .......lmao .... brb ...think iam gonna puke
  8. Whatever they are, they're multiplying at a rate faster than we are. I was talking to a suspension supplier once who makes a mint from them - "I hate the fcuking things, they're ridiculous, pompous and unrideable. But I market to them like crazy, because the pricks that buy them have money falling out their arseholes and a desperate need for upgraded suspension."
  9. Q. What does a dog and a harley have in common?

    A. They both like to ride in the back of a ute :)
  10. He's probably talking about the froggy 'Fournales' shocky, much loved by hard-core Hardly fondlers. It's a good deal, around $2000 to upgrade a softail to do something that a 1923 Ariel 500 could do better, and probaby still can.