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'nother newb

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by scrambler, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. Been lurking for about a month or so, thought I better say 'hi'.
    Great forums, really helpful insights from both new (like myself) and more experienced riders,

  2. Welcome, Scrambler. Mine of information available here, you just have to sort the valuable stuff from the stuff around it!!
    Why don't you pop along to the Southbank Coffee night tonight (see separate thread) and meet some of the inmates???
  3. I don't quite know about being called an inmate Paul..... sort of like... I dropped the soap type inmate... or sticky date pudding inmate.... or H division in mate with Chopper......

    Manbag rider I can handle.... but inmate is just going too far :LOL:


    Oh yeah, welcome to the madness too :p

  4. welcome to the site .
    as they said coffee is on at southbank tonight .
    every friday night
    10-20 bikes poor weather , 50-60 on nice nights
    see the thread in rides and events section .
    if you need instruction ring me 0425873437
  5. well i guess we are all inmates with the exception of Mrs Glipshitz.....he really needs to come OUT mate !

    Anyone who has man bits and calls the colour purple sexy is questionable. Please step out of the closet your time has come.
  6. And welcome to the forums scrambler.....another cruiser to add to the list.......excellent.
    You should come down to coffee and introduce yourself and your bike.
    hope to see you soon.
  7. welcome to the assylum !!!
  8. You leave my Sexy Purple Man Bag alone Stookie!

  9. Hi scrambler , welcome.
  10. Thanks for all the welcomes.
    Friday coffe at Southbank- I'll definitely get down soon but this week a Buck's Turn has my attention. It's an early starter at 4.30 this arvo.
    Best leave the bike at home methinks!
    Hopefully eyeball some of you next week.
  11. Welcome to the forum. Very sensible crew as you can see. :)
  12. A month of lurking and you still want to join? Welcome to the forums, enjoy the insanity.
  13. Welcome to the most sane place in a insane world..... actually maybe that should be welcome to the most insane place in a sane world :LOL:

    blah.........if you understand that you will fit in well, if you don't hang around a little while and you will :twisted: :wink:

    cheers stewy 8)
  14. Hi there mate and welcome.

    :D :D
  15. G'day scrambler, welcome to Netrider.

    Enjoy it, we do!

    And boy is hornet gunna cop it next time groberts sees him..... fancy inviting someone to coffee before Groberts could... tut tut tut [-X