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'Nother country Vic newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by heatherp, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Hi
    Name: Heather

    Ride: Duc Monster

    Been riding: 14 years

    Live: Hamilton Vic (previously Geraldton WA)

    Work in Hamilton, spend my time off getting out of Hamilton. Used to riding solo due to being ex-country WA. Travel to Melb regularly.

    But wondering where all the local riders are??
  2. Hmm, Geraldton to Hamilton - so I take it you work in the mineral sands industry then? :wink:
  3. Yep. Not too hard to figure out if you're from around here. :grin:
  4. Nup, just familiar with mineral sands. I teach electrostatic and magnetic separation (among other things) :).
  5. Yeah we do all that. Gravity sep too. I work in the Lab so also get to play with noxious heavy liquid separation. But what am I doing talking about work on a motorcycling forum. arghhhhhh!
  6. You obviously haven't noticed just how often threads go completely off-topic around here. Clerici's solution's probably one of the few things that haven't been mentioned :LOL:.

    Getting back on topic - there was a nice XJ900 in the carpark when I visited the plant 12 months ago, was that yours?
  7. Nope not me. I have a Ducati Monster - red (of course). Used to ride it to work but now don't due to having to park on gravel amongst the cars and lots of cowboy contractors using same car park that don't give a damn.

    But mainly because of all the mineral sand getting blown around out there. That stuff is highly abrasive and I would rather wreck my car than my baby.

    Work shift work so get 5 days off in a row and spend lots of that time riding. More enjoyable than commuting and better for the bike.
  8. Welcome, Heather; I see you have more in common with some Netriders than just riding :LOL:.
  9. Welcome to NR Heather :)

    And get used to threads going completely off topic around here!
    Happens ALL the time :grin: keeps it interesting tho :cool:

    ... but no-one's been able to answer your Q yet ... :-k
  10. With the Grampians just to the North and the GOR only a short ride to the south I'm guessing the local riders don't spend much time hanging around town ;).
  11. Welcome to NR Heather!
  12. Yep I've lost count of the times I done Zumsteins. Done GOR several times. Unfortunately too much of a good thing so now looking for other rides.

    Haven't done much the other side of Melb yet but going to WSBK so will be doing some more roads over there.

    Did lots of SA roads last October at Ducati Turismo. Worth another visit too.

    I'm probably out riding too much to meet local riders!!! lol
  13. Hi Heather. Welcome to NR.

    Always good to have an expert in noxious stuff (as I think the technical term is). Never know when it will come in handy.
  14. Oh yes I'm very good at technical terms. :LOL:
  15. Shelley and I are in Warrnambool. That's close enough to meet up for rides. :)