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Note of your bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by blackadder, May 16, 2012.

  1. So what musical note does your bike make at 100km/h in top gear?

    I'm going to check mine tomorrow, now that it has -1 front sprocket. I find the -1 drone suits my vocal range better hehehe.. Come on now, we all sing in our helmets!

    OK, enough tequila for tonight.
  2. Singing not as of yet.... Beatboxing on the other hand.. mother flipping check all over that. I could be on Elizabeth ST making some cash money soon enough with the amount of practice i've had.
  3. does "yeaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwahooooooooooweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" count to the sound of an r6 at 6k revs? :)
  4. I can't pick the note mine makes. Being a Triumph, it sort of has this "Bonnie Tyler" rasp thing going on...
  5. I have a gs500 parallel twin

    So probably most appropriate is :

  6. Mine sounds like awesome.
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  7. mine sounds like 2500rpm of 1900cc Vtwin goodness
  8. a powerful sewing machine.. bloody stock pipes!
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    :D I just checked mine, it produces a steady D# at 100km/h.

    After thousands of kays of riding, the tone of your bike is ingrained into your head much like a dog whistle. Think about it.. You just heard the sound of your bike didn't you?

    Recently I fell asleep while watching phantom ring, you may also hear phantom revs, or down-shifts from time to time (did you just hear it?). All normal. It can also be used as a cure to nightmares. Sleep to the video of your recent twisty adventure, and you will have good dreams. It activates the positive memories, at least that is my theory.

    If you go on a ride with people who own the same bike, try following each other in the same gear at the same speed. Perpetuating the unison rumble is a game in itself that encourages synchronized riding. I suppose you could ride out a chord too...

    Anyway, now I'm going to practice twinkle twinkle little star using only the throttle to control exhaust note. I recall seeing a video of someone using their bike as an instrument, can't seem to find it....
  10. The 'music' starts at 0:55.

  11. Slow news day?