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Notchy ignition

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by botch, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Hey all

    I haven't had my bike all that long, but I have noticed the ignition is a bit notchy when turning the key.

    Obviously it is a component which is susceptible to water. What can I use to free it up? Is something along the lines of CRC ok? Or is there an oil/grease which can be used?

    Cheers in advance
  2. nooooo grease or oil.. just attracts dirt and stuff

    graphite powder is usual recommendation, dry and slippery

    can also see if the key itself has sharp edges.. slightly smoothing can reduce the wearing in time to smoothness
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  3. Too easy, graphite powder it is.

    It's notchy when turning to either on or handle bar lock, not so much when inserting or removing the key.

  4. And no CRC, WD40 or the like.

    +1 to graphite. Use it sparingly though the bloody stuff gets everywhere.
  5. Advice duly noted!

    Do I put the powder on the key and the insert/remove the key a few times, or do I put the powder straight into the ignition barrel?
  6. This
  7. that notchiness is from sharp edges between the inner and outer pins catching on the barrel/case as it turns.
    those edges will eventually wear off and chamfer.

    if the key has been cut (with wear in mind?) so the flats are a little high, the inner pins go hard up against the case, so it will be stiff during turning, not just notchy
  8. This topic is like oil choice or chain maintenance, lots of people have very different opinions. Someone I met once put graphite in his Ducati 9somethingsomething and recons it caused a load of electrical headaches, I'm also wary of it's conductivity and allegations it can be clogging. My ignition has become sticky twice, wd40 solves the problem for several months at a time. With that time frame I don't care if it might attract more shit. Get some ptfe dry lube if it causes you angst.
  9. Not sure it will be that, the bike has just over 10,000 km on it and it's the original key, and it definitely doesn't have any sharp edges.

    I'll keep it in mind though, as i am going to be getting another key cut for it.

    Thanks for all the input guys :)
  10. if it is notchy but not stiff to turn, then likely that key (or inner pins) is too worn, and outer pins come in too far :p

    try jiggling the key while putting a little turning pressure.. this helps to push pins a little further out.
    if that helps, the key flats are too low, or the pins are a little worn on their contact surface with key
  11. Had the opposite problem on my old '81 XT500 years ago, the ignition was so worn that you didn't actually need a key at all, you could turn it on with a coin or even your fingernail (if you weren't a nail biter).
  12. Lanox spray is good for this type of thing. Non greasy, doesn't collect dust etc. and made from wool. (Lanolin). Silicon spray is also pretty good in these situations but not sure about the electrical contacts.
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    While agreeing with the posts above recommending only graphite powder ( dodgy latte sipping electrical systems withstanding ) I ask..
    How is the condition of the dust seals on the ignition barrel ? bent and withdrawn ?
    cause of your problem is possibly damaged seals not stopping the ingress of dirt & water...if these need fixing, fix them.

    Another possibility is that the electrical contacts in the bottom of the barrel are damaged from heat or burning etc..if the key turns ok except for when it gets to specific points along its travel around.
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