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Not what any of us want to see...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by thermal, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    So, it's bit windy down here in Melbourne and I had the displeasure of having someone in the office inform me that my bike was no longer rubber side up...


    I've just lodged a claim with Swann, but I have two questions. Does anyone think I have any chance of getting Icon to take responsibility for this?

    And the more important question is that there are 3 small rubber tubes that are hanging down towards the belly pan. Now, they don't appear as if they should be connected to anything - are they just overflow outlets, or could they be something important? There was only a tiny leak of about 20ml of liquid from one of them and nothing else. Can anyone put my mind at peace?

    Other damage includes cracked bar end, clutch lever end snapped off (kinda wanted shortys anyway...), scratched mirror, bent left footpeg and scratched rear plastic seat cover thing (not the cowl, the lower bit with the triple branding).

    I am le sad.


    From the front:

  2. What does it have to do with Icon??
  3. I don't blame you for being sad, but what has Icon got to do with your bike falling over?

    I don't know about triumphs, but my guess would be that the 3 rubber tubes are overflow pipes.
  4. +1 overflow pipes from the fuel tank and probably the battery

    I can have a talk to The Boss about the wind, but I doubt He'd pay out for your damages.

    I certainly don't think you can blame Icon for the wind....
  5. Fuel, water and airbox, surely?
  6. Could be. My old bandit has three such pipes, but it doesn't have water in it.
  7. hahaha.

    I am reminded of the Billy Connelly movie "The man who sued god".
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  8. I WAS thinking about that when I posted, actually :LOL:
  9. if they hadn't put the banner up it may have blown down sooner :) fully comp (I hope) will cover the damage but you'll be down your excess
  10. ive been looking for a copy of the man who sued god but cant find it any where.. :(

    To the OP. Do you believe the ICON mesh has detached from the fence and assisted in pushing your bike over? i would suggest this to the insurance company.. pay your excess and if they manage to get the money out of ICON for whatever reason they should refund you the excess..
  11. Sorry to hear, unfortunately seen a few other bikes down today as well, have become a bit paranoid and been checking mine every 10 minutes, got it parked into the wind now so hopefully will last the day.

    Very hairy ride in today however.

    Good luck with the claim.

    Cheers Jeremy
  12. put your bike in gear when you park it will stop it from rolling forward
  13. Must be hell of a wind to drop the bike on the side stand side of the bike.
  14. Usually one of the overflows will be a breather for the coolant overflow bottle too.....

    +1 is is windy

    Sorry to hear about the topple
  15. looks like the wind pushed it forward and off the stand
  16. ... Goes and puts bike in gear....
  17. Not the sort of blowjob a guy wishes for :(
  18. This reminds me of the thread with the Aldi Paddock stand. I really don't think if I saw my bike on it's side, my first thought would be to snap a pic. I realise that there's no harm in an extra 30 seconds but instinct would prevail in my situation surely.

    Sorry to see your baby like that. Ouch.

    BRB, checkin' on my girl.
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  19. +1 to overflow tubes. The, coolant, fuel and air box for oil build up.

    Sorry to see the sad state of the bike :(.

    Maybe bring some cushions next time and lay it down lightly. At least you know it won't fall any further!
  20. Sorry to see such a machine on its side..

    but everyone knew that it was going to be windy today (if you watch the news or look outside), so of course there is a chance that your bike can just topple over, i don't think icon is at fault..

    you should of parked your bike somewhere out of the wind..

    it is blowing a ridiculous gale today.. wind gusts are quite high..