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Not wearing protective pants? (short rant, hopefully helpful)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by OG, Dec 2, 2012.

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    I will try and keep this short , I had a thread recently about finding an alternative to draggin and everyone was super helpful

    I find the above \ below knee seams very ugly on draggin, i also find the price to be a bit harsh ~$290
    I found myself not wearing my pair, id be going out and want to wear a nice looking pair of jeans over safety , and this is bad

    here I was wearing a decent jacket, gloves, tall racing boots, i knew i was doing something wrong , I have also been told if you have a crash the best skin graphs they can take come from your legs\ass (e.g. to fix up your face or some other part)


    cut to the chase , one option was kevlar leggings (you wear them under standard jeans) , which draggin do make and sounded great , ill probably also pick a pair of these up to try at some point too.

    At the melbourne bike expo last week they had 100$ fully lined kevlar jeans
    starider.com.au (vic company)
    now dont get me wrong , these things are not the quality of draggin, but i do believe they offer better protection than jeans\slacks\nothing (and i think a high % of people wear no leg protection)

    the big bonus is they are fully lined so there is no seam

    downside :
    like draggin the sizing seemed a little off like they dont take the lining into account , i had to buy one size larger which was huge on me :0(
    the kevlar and overall quality is not as good as draggin (no doubt) if you can wear draggin all the time go with them or better, this is for those of us who dont wear protection for whatever reason.

    Ive been told and i believe it states it on the draggin site you can not have kevlar jeans altered , to that i say :
    original sewing on the left tailor on the right

    Louis Tailor
    301 Coventry Street , south melbourne
    (this guy ive known since i was a kid and my dad used him, your local tailor should be able to help you too but if your around south melbourne use him)

    Great guy, he has done this for my draggin before , this time he broke 2 needles sewing them , so the kevlar cant be total crap and like i said this is more for people wearing nothing , i think this or draggin leggings would be better than nothing .


    Now although i need to have them taken up another inch or so , these i can wear out , and i love not having any weird seams , should last me 2-3 years , cost me $160 all up, fit like a glove, and a lot less than $290, also once i get them taken up another inch i would wear these out even when not on the bike i think they look decent.

    ~random rant , please dont take this as me preaching , i was wearing nothing and i think this is better than nothing , if you choose to not wear anything thats all good too.
  2. Give us an update in a month or so, after you've worn them a while.
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  3. will do , been wearing them almost 24x 7 trying to wear them in a bit, ill get them taken up another inch this weekend
  4. Just looking at the pic you have there, I wouldn't take them up a full inch if any but I like a bit of length for when I'm sitting. Walking in heeled boots usually allows a bit of length.
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    i usto wear lower boots and i agree with those , i recall the drafty leg days and pulling up socks at lights on the across
    i wear these now so the length does no matter, im lucky if he took another 5mm out of the pants size they would not fit over the boots

    but yeah if you wear shoes or short boots always have them leave a little extra length so when your basically sitting on a bike you dont get draft
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    slight side note, thats what made me switch to propper boots , and there was a lot of deep tissue damage lower down, and a mark about the same height on the other foot , had a car take me out at low speed, anyway thats a side note i was wearing steel toe caterpillar boots back then they possibly saved me (could not walk for a few days this pic is after that) but that mark is just before where the tongue ended , i was like hmmmmm i may upgrade the boots slightly lol
  7. You are going to wear those out? Nice looking boots.
  8. looking at the rug your standing on ,
    think ill pass on your opionion on what
    looks good
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  9. Hey,

    Couple of things - I never wear draggins, I had owned 3 pairs in the past because "They are the best... right?". None of them lasted me more than 6 months. Stiching always came loose, the kevlar would pull out... No good enough.

    I found this mob "Resolute jeans" and posted a review up here.
    I love them.

    Also - I saw a lot of the sellers at the Expo to. Didn't really trust them all that much. But each to their own right?
  10. lol i agree on that
  11. Aaah, I'm thinking this is a nice thread about pants. And then I have to deal with pics like that :sick:
  12. Unfortunately it is a reality and one you should accept before riding. One you should ponder before each ride even...lower that stat's against you by making it conscious ... not it wont happen to me.
    This is what i call road damage. You don't often get gouges like that at the track no matter how silly you go.
    Speed only matters when gauging how fast you came to a sudden stop
  13. Yeah. Like before having sex I should accept there is a chance I could become pregnant :wideyed:
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    .... ^^ hope thats not as messy as the pic!.....:confused:
  15. Not if you make your own kevlar lined condoms.
  16. I've seen some pretty messy ones when I have finished. How did sex come up with pictures of open wounds?
    I use to worry about getting pregnant after sex. Glad I was told I was doing it wrong
  17. ^^ I guess it's all related to riding!!.....:whistle:
  18. riding and having fun :)
  19. that would depend on who you have sex with.
  20. outch dude bit graphic could have linked not embedded haha , was that about the same height ? its unclear where it is exactly but glad your ok looks terrrrrrrrrrible