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Not too close, but what the hell!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by vahramh, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Saturday morning, about 2 AM. Riding north on Eastlink, Melbourne, at about $1.10, in the left lane (yep, not really speeding by much). There's a car about 100m ahead of me, I had been following him for a couple of km's, so he's doing a similar speed. No other traffic on the road.

    All of a sudden a car with no lights appears between me and the car, with no lights on. At $1.10 that's not much of a gap, it would be dangerous at $1.00 as well, and I had to brake hard, followed by a swerve into the middle lane, to avoid hitting him. All of a sudden his lights came up, in addition to red and blue flashing lights. Looks like the cop was just out fishing, sitting in the emergency lane with lights off, and had found a good target in the car ahead of me. The car drove up the Canterbury Rd ramp and stopped, the police stopping behind him, and I kept going up Eastlink.

    Being 2 AM, I could have been tired. My mind could be wandering elsewhere (especially if I was driving). I could have a limited reaction time - after all, it was less than 2 seconds between me and the cop car when it first appeared in front of me. What the hell? SMIDSY police?
  2. Sitting there eating cupcakes, is my guess.
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    God that shits me.. Unmarked cop cars I hate them..
  4. Of course if you had hit them, according to the latest TAC ad, the accident was your fault for going a little above the speed limit.
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  5. Is that even legal to be sitting there with no lights on? i.e if you had run out of petrol and pulled into the emergency lane and turned off all your lights and no hazards on you would get in trouble no?
  6. Buddy you're at fault...
    People can't give way to what they can't see and because you were more that 1 kph over the posted limit, it's deemed reasonable to conclude that you could not have expected to be sees.

    Sorry, but that is a perfectly legal conclusion by authority of VicPol and TAC.

    Good news, no one was delivering cup cakes because then they could have legally kill you.
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  7. "Brake"
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  8. Maybe he thought hammer time was an appropriate evasive maneuver.
  9. Lol... I did regret not having a hammer when I was next to the cop, just before the lights started flashing. Sorry for the typo anyway, fixed now.

  10. You should have pulled up behind the cop car and told him that he nearly caused an accident..........get his badge number and report him to the his supperiors.

    Id let cops get away from the little things because im that type of guy ;).........but if he/she nearly caused an accident then my trusty GoPro should have the proof I need..........