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Not the brightest tools in the shed - VicPol Police Officer Bashed

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. *SMH* on multiple levels.

    The stereotyping/profiling potential runs deep.

    The magistrate is going to have a field day with these guys.

    = = =

    Police member assaulted in Campbellfield
    • Wednesday, 09 September 2015 10:23

    A police officer is in hospital with serious injuries after allegedly being assaulted in Campbellfield this morning.

    Fawkner Highway Patrol members intercepted a silver Commodore sedan in Lara Way around midnight after observing sparks coming from one of the wheels.

    Officers spoke to the five occupants and when one of the members returned to the police car to retrieve a preliminary breath testing unit the group set upon the remaining officer.

    The male Senior Constable sustained multiple facial and leg injuries before the five men retreated inside a near-by building.

    The men, aged in their twenties, from Roxburg Park, Meadow Heights, Craigieburn, Campbellfield and Rossmore, NSW were arrested sometime later at the scene.

    They have been released pending further enquiries.

    Leading Senior Constable Kendra Jackson
    Media Officer

    = = =
  2. No cop should ever work alone. Basic common sense really
  3. Not alone.

    One copper went back to the patrol car to check creds.

    One copper waited with the commodore.
    He copped it.
  4. Agree but there were 2 of them here, one had returned to the car. Bloody idiot crime assaulting a cop, especially with another on site. Lucky they didn't catch a bullet....

    Edit: beaten to it by BitSarBitSar
  5. I just cant fathom the thinking of the car occupants... how did they think they were going to get away with the beating?
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  6. Giving them too much credit there.
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  7. I see what you did there.
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  8. yes, yes so did I, I was about to police the indiscretion.
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  9. How much speculation can we get away with here..? Can I say "meff, not even once" or is that overstepping the bounds?

    Serious question.
  10. This is the pub. Speculate away without breaking any slander or racial vilification rules I guess...
  11. Should have pulled his gun out. Would be a different story in the USA
  12. Sweet!
  13. That's horrific! lol
  14. Probably get a slap with a wet lettuce leaf :mad::mad::mad: had a bad upbringing/on ice/migrant -didn't know the rules/against their religion, some leftard judge will let them go - if one of them had got shot the copper would have gone a row for defending himself - bring back the lash
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  15. Yep,
    'cept is not quite the same without the rum and the buggery...
  16. Meh. Eventually a beaten dog will bite.

    Then it gets put down.
  17. I'll supply the rum :)
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