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not that ya would but could ya

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by flexorcist, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. i'm not saying it's financially viable or worth the trouble, but i've always wondered... would it be physically possible to turbo/sc a 250?? would it have enough to even spin a turbo?? also can you t/sc a 2 stroke??

  2. Flipping through this months rapid, some guy created a turbo Yamaha Zeal 250.

    Impressive looking bike. It's for sale apparently, if you're crazy enough to buy it.

    They claimed over 100hp- I don't beleive it. May be possible, but the bike would expire in every way if it ever had to deal with that much power.

    You can turbo anything- 50cc to 5000cc.

  3. It's a bit of a challenge because 2T's are very picky about back pressure, but you sure can. You have to place the turbo after the expansion chamber, and match the turbine and housing carefully against the resonances in the pipe. It's definitely been done, there used to be 1985 model RG250 that made 80 horsepower and ran 1/4 mile times of 12.5@190kph. It did eventually join the grenade club though.
  4. http://www.metalspeed.co.jp/index.eng.html
    They sell ready-made turbo and supercharger kits for a variety of 250s (and larger bikes). So yes it is very possible. As for 2-strokes it's certainly possible - but since there is a point at which both the inlet and exhaust ports are open not only is boost pressure reduced (compared with a 4-stroke) but forced induction also results in an increase in unburnt fuel leaving the engine.
  5. ah cool cool... the gsxr600 turbo on bikepics.com is well... a bit much methinks
  6. diesel cycle 2 strokes have been turbo and supercharged since the second world war.

    An otto cycle 2 stroke engine with roller mains and built for a compression ratio of less than 7:1 would not be a sound structural idea regardless of fuelling and back pressure issues as inci pointed out.
  7. Yeah any combustion engine can be TC or SC. Still nothing beats a nice 4cyl inline 4 TC running through 4wd in a car that only weights just over 1200kgs. :)
  8. If you want to have fun and scare the hell out of sports bikes (in a straight line), turbo charge an older K series BMW.

    These guys are the experts

    sub 10 second quarter miles (with panniers on :LOL: ) and reliability...
  9. Nothing in the pist-on engine driven vehicles maybe... :p

    A 20B Turbs on the other hand... :grin:
  10. Supercharged 2-stroke are not only possible but a good design.

    They are however not just a normal 2-strokes with a supercharger bolted on.

    What they don't do is put the intake charge through the crankcase. Instead they rely on the supercharger to pump the air or mixture into the cylinder.

    The result is you don't need to mix oil with the fuel and you can lubricate your bottom end the same way you do a 4-stroke.

    They do realy need direct injection to be efficient and direct injectors that can handle the speed of a modern petrol engine 2-stroke engine are only just starting to be developed. It just needs some money thrown at it.

    When emissions become tougher and fuel gets more expensive, this design will become more viable in motor vehicles.
  11. How about a S/C 4cyl mounted where it's supposed to be (ie behind the driver :p) in a car that weighs just 900kg (I so wish I had a Lotus Exige S).
  12. About seven posts down in the Modifications and Projects section... Turbo 250.
    As mentioned previously, it's a zeal 250 thats been quite heavily modified with FZR600 clutch parts to cope with the extra power.