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Not sure which bike to buy

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Booki, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. After selling my R6, and been road bikeless for almost a year. I have gotten the itch again.

    I want a easy to ride fun bike.
    Out of all the motorbikes I have had, my favorite was my motard (DRZ400SM). Hopefully this gives a indication of my riding style (squidish).

    I would get another motard, but on longer riders and speeds at 100km/h it was annoying on the DRZ. Not sure how other motards stack up though, as thats the only one I have ridden. It really needed a 6th gear.

    Are there any other bikes that are similar to a motard in terms of lightweight/flick ability but can cruise along easily as well?

    My primary interest is in dirt bikes, I don't think I see myself carving corners and getting huge lean on. I tried and I sucked at it. Hence why looking at light weight, fun to ride road moto's.

    Only thing that comes to mind is;
    Street Triple
    Husky Nuda

    Both these bikes look great, but are a bit over my budget and more of a "want" then a reality. My budget would be around 5k.

    Any other suggestions?
  2. Just get the Street Triple R, they are seriously the best fun you'll have and are still a proper road bike.

    If the budget is really tight look to the non R, while most are dreaming when they list them for nearly 10k still, they often pop up around 6
  3. Regret to say, that budget is killing you. You might pick up a 10+yo Hornet 600 for that money but most will have monster ks on them by now.

    With more money you might find a KTM 950SM which is actually everything you asked for.
  4. what about the ktm 690smc or duke?
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  5. #5 Booki, Jun 16, 2014
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    What would be the ideal budget?
    Just had a quick squizz at the KTM 950SM, looks a little chunky for a sumo!

    Forgot about those models!
    Will have to see if i can get any around my budget.

    I like the look of both the 690 and duke. How would the duke compare to say the Street Triple?

    Checked out the KTM 690 Duke a bit more...the lower fairing and low mount exhaust are deal breakers for me, bugger
  6. or... stretch the budget and buy my supermoto ktm 300exc :p
  7. Well if what you really want is a motard, just get a motard and forget about the other stuff unless you plan on touring.
  8. He could find a hornet for around 2-3K if he looked.
    Just bought my new bike last month the Honda Hornet 900 for around 5K with low km's 2007 model pretty much perfect condition, loads of fun
  9. I do plan on some long group rides, and a motard sadly is not the best bike for these conditions.

    Maybe the hornett could be a go'er, how do they stack up to the Street Triple?
  10. Nowhere close, the Hornet is a cheap dependable commuter (not a bad bike by any means, but not exciting), the Street is a naked sports bike and the fun and hooligan factor is 11/10
  11. Bro you need nothing short of a turbo Hayabusa, that will fix your itch.
  12. Certainly found it exciting personally that's why i bought it, rode many other bikes before making the decision as well some at far higher cost. He won't be getting any sort of triple in his price range, shouldn't be mentioned unelss he wants 50,000KM+
  13. + 1 for the Hornet 900.

    Doesn't have the hooligan factor of the Street Triple, but, does everything well.

    I have toured, commuted, scratched with it. It does it all.

    If you want a bit more Hooligan, just change the gearing, but, it will wheelie no worries if that's what you want too.

    And, there are a couple of good examples with low k's in your price bracket on Bikesales at the moment.
  14. Ride everything, buy the funniest one....
  15. Lanky_on_bike_zpsea0d181c.
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  16. Still say the Hornet 600 is 'funner' than the 900...
    (950SM make 'em all look like granpa :p)
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  17. Just bargain them down, 5K for a 2005 with over 20,000 and no extra's is too much imo.
  18. The triples seem to hold there value crazy well, it almost comes down to the point where I am better off with a brand new one in some cases...

    Still sourcing my options...so far Jazzfan's recommendation seems to be my best option
  19. plus one for S & M its a lot of fun
  20. I find as with many bikes it is more of a case of the sellers being unrealistic dreamers in regards to pricing of the bike they sell. Many dreamers out there. a fair few listings are still there from when i began my search over 6 months ago...