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Not sure what first bike to get

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Cristos123, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. i just got my learner permit and not sure what bike i should purchase! as i live in a rural area and theres a lot of gravel roads etc, so i need a trial/adventure/tourer bike!
    Want to spend no more than $4000
    could anyone offer some advice?

  2. If you're going to be doing mostly tar roads with a bit of dirt then I'd suggest a Kawasaki KLR650, if you're going to be doing both dirt and tar equally I'd suggest a Suzuki DR650, if you're going to be doing mostly dirt with only a small amount of tar then I'd suggest a Suzuki DRZ400.

    Other people will have completely different ideas of course but the 3 types of 'dirt' bike remain valid, that is to say base your choice of which dirt bike you buy upon how much dirt, what sort of dirt and how much tar riding you'll be doing as basically the bikes that are great at single track dirt riding pretty much suck on the tar and the reverse is equally true.

    If you don't know then you could do a lot worse than a DR650 :)
  3. They are fairly thin on the ground, but, if you can find a Honda SL230, it wouldn't be a bad bike to start on.
  4. it would be half tar half dirt! would a 650 be to big to start on? i will check those bikes out though!
    iv'e had many mixed reviews which i think makes it a more personal selection of bike, is that right?

    thanks for the tips guys!
  5. Hi again, Cristos.

    Well, you see, it's like this....

    At the moment, none of us know if you are a seven foot tall Rugby league player, or a wee geriatric, 5 footer with stuffed back, legs and not terribly fit.

    What bike did you do your learners course on?

    Did it feel heavy or cumbersome to you?

    Were you comfy on it?
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  6. Hayabusa
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  7. haha im 18 and just under 6 foot! and in good shape... i think haha!

    i rode on a cbr 125 which i found quite sluggish and hard on the corners!
  8. At just under 6 foot any of the 3 bikes I've listed would fit, I suspect that the SL230 would feel a bit small (good as it is).
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  9. For the benefit of NetRider's lady members, perhaps you should post a piccie?

    Yeah, the SL230 would probably be a wee bit on the small side, unless you were VERY serous about riding on tracks that you couldn't walk on.

    Certainly a wee Strom (LAMS) probably wouldn't be too big for you.

    Put off the Hayabusa until you can get a turbo charged one.:finger:
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  10. oh cool, the hard part is find one of those bikes with a similar price to my budget, and has full reg!

    ah yeah haha, gotta show my swaga :watching:
  11. I was going to suggest the DR650 or KLR650.
    But if you think they are too big, check out either a TTR250, KLX250 or an XR250.
  12. i was just looking at some DRZ400's! theres not many used ones here in victoria that are for sale with full reg around 4k