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not sure if this goes here...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by davidnsw, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. but anyway im wondering do you guys have a preferable corner, a left or right? , for some reason im far more confortable with left handers as i am with right handers?

  2. im with ya on the left... not sure why
  3. Thread needs poll..

    I also like left handers more, perhaps because you are on the inside of the road and feel safer? who knows
  4. Left for me too.

    Although more comfortable going right for slow turn (e.g. U-turn).

    Might be a function of riding on roads?
  5. weird thing is my chicken strip on the left is bigger i think because i hang off more leaving the bike more upright on left handers.

    i think the worrying a bout oncoming cars is a big part of it but even of clear right handers i cant tip it in as confortable as left still :evil:
  6. +1

    I prefer left, in fact I used to not like rights at all. Now it doesn't bother me, I like both (but still slower on rights)
  7. :shock:
    What's all this talk about 'LEFT' & 'RIGHT' corners?

    My bike only travels in a straight line ( to and from work )

    I bet it's another CONSPIRACY :shock:

    (No damn wonder I'm still up at almost 3:00am )
  8. this is probably similar to the comfortable direction you can turn when skiing/roller blading and skating and how confident feel balancing in that direction. I'm a right hander, but i'm comfortable turning right for all these things (including the bike).. so i'm just weird cause everyone else I know is left like you all :)
  9. As long as its not straight... its fine by me.
  10. Yup, with you on the right handers.
  11. Left for me too, peg feeler is scratched on that side, nothing on the right. Must be psycomological!
  12. Nup!! :LOL:
  13. It's right handers for me!

    Left corners don't feel "natural"? :?
  14. doesn't make any difference to me i just tip it in, both chicken strips are the same size and at this stage i only hang off the bike if its wet or windy
  15. When I was doing my L's training I was more comfortable doing one direction more than the other. The instructor said it all depends if you are left handed or right handed.

    I am a lefty. I cant remember which side is my uncomfortable one now cause I ended up practicing the turns non stop until both felt pretty much the same.

    I remember being little on my BMX I could do a rear brake slide to the right but not to the left

  16. this topic has come up many times on netrider, and it has always come to the same conclusion... People don't like rights.
    Whether you are a righty or a lefty is irrelevant.
    So why is it.
    Some people say because when going right you are leaning your body closer to the oncoming traffic lane.
    Some say that it is because when you are going right, your wheels are that much closer to the left edge of the road and it starts to fixate you on all those bushes and benches and knobbly things off the road there were you shouldn’t be looking.
    An other view is that when you go left in the suburbs, you just go left, and right you have to first look out for oncoming traffic, and oil patches and tram tracks and … … …
    The question I have… Is it any different in a country where they drive on the right side of the road?
  17. Could it be that as the accellerator and brake are in your right hand, you have a tendancy to want to pull your control hand toward you? Or at least not be inclined to push it out?

    This would favour left hand corners but confuse your right handers?

    I made the effort to enjoy right handers - it took some time though.
  18. I live in the city of roundabouts. And although they make great urban twisties I've definitely developed a preference for right handers. My chicken strips are a good 1cm bigger on the left of my tyre.
  19. My L's instructor said it's a habit from driving cars. A left in a car means you have to turn your head far and you do them faster and more often as you don't have to cross a line of traffic. For a right, you don't have to turn your head far and you don't often do them fast as you're crossing traffic.

    Makes sense for the slow turns too, because a U-turn or 3-point-turn in a car is always to the right.

    At my Ls I was the only person who didn't feel a difference and I haven't been driving a car long. Anybody who doesn't drive or drives on the right - comments?