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Not sure if im a biker?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by fathamhead, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. Hi all! I'm a very new rider (L's 3 weeks ago). I don't own a bike yet, but i have been riding my girlfriends Honda VTR250 around every now and then (she is also a learner and loving it).
    I think this is a great initiative, linking Sydney riders. Netrider also seems great, but hooking up with local riders is now going to be far easier with this site.
    I have not actually decided yet if I am going to become a "fully blown" biker!! I’m worried about the safety of biking and practicality to my life. So I thought the best way was to get my learners and ride around for a bit before I make any big decision to ride or not.
    Safety wise - I have not had any near misses, although as I said I have only been riding for about 3 weeks, but I read what has happened to others and it scares me a bit.
    Practicality – I do not own a car and would not be commuting on the bike (train is easier), so it would be a weekend/holiday thing. But then I can’t see how my girlfriend and I can go on holiday just with our bikes? Where do I put what we need on a VTR250?
    And finally I was looking around for gear and have come across "Oz Outlet" and "4BP for Body Protection" selling on Ebay. Both these sellers are offering what seems to be good quality gear at great prices. E.g. gloves for $40 and leather jackets for $150-200 with armour.
    Before I buy I want to know has anyone bought anything from these guys and is it good quality? i.e. If i buy my jacket and gloves from these guys, when i fall off am i going to be protected?
    Feel free to write back, I’m interested in all your thoughts.

  2. It's really up to your girlfriend whether or not you become fully blown. But good luck with that.
  3. Oh, and by way of being actually helpful, you can strap all sorts of things to your back seat. You should be able to carry enough for quite a long trip, even without buying any luggage options.
  4. Hi and welcome unless you know what you are after from gear it is probably better to buy it from a bike shop rather than ebay.

    Anyways have fun
  5. dude u think too much ride more.
    bit of elastici rope and hooks and u can strap carton to a bike no reason u cant strap some luggage
  6. How much stuff you need to carry depends on where you're planning on staying - if you don't have to carry bedding or camping gear then you should be able to easily get away with a small set of soft throw-over panniers or even just a decent sized tankbag. Strapping stuff to the seat is an okay option, but if you're planning on doing a lot of trips it'll probably be worth investing in some proper motorcycle luggage (it's usually more weather resitant and less likely to shift/fall off whilst riding).
  7. Welcome! I'm a n00b too but anyway.

    - Safety: Also a concern of mine, check out my "Fear of Death" thread.

    - Luggage: This really isn't an issue, especially with two bikes. You can get all sorts of bags to stick on your bike to beef up the luggage capacity. Tank bags, Pannears, Ventura rack/bag things (those ones that stick out behind the seat) As Loz said you can also fit a heap of stuff on the rear seat, get a few andy straps and off you go.

    - Gear: Ebay is not a good option unless you can see the exact same thing in a shop before hand to try on. Get as good as you can afford, but remember not all the expensive stuff is the best. Also get a full kit. Don't skip the boots and pants like a lot of people do.

    Make use of the "Search" button here, there's heaps of stuff about these questions. Particularly gear.

    All the best and safe riding!
  8. stupid double post.......
  9. How long a holiday are you planning?

    If it's not quite all the way to Nepal, and you're still undecided about becoming "full blown" a well-balanced back pack with wide straps will serve you well, even if you decide to give up bikes. (don't.)

    Otherwise, go to a bike shop and find some cordura throwover panniers that convert to a bag/backpack. Enough for reasonable trips, and again, useful if you don't carry on with biking.

    I suspect that if you go on a trip longer than a weekend or so, you'll either return so deeply in love with biking that you'll ride forever, (very likely) or you'll chuck it in immediately. Trips prove things. Go and do it. Enjoy yourself, and I for one hope that we can welcome you as a permanent member of the flock on your return.
  10. LMAO - loz you crack me up.

    Back to the OP: Yes you can travel/tour on bikes only.
    My BF & I have gone away on 3-4 day vacations on our bikes & been able to carry all the gear we need. It's easier with a larger bike though.
  11. Fathamhead

    Welcome to the world of riding.

    The VTR250 that you’re practicing on, is just that, a practice bike that is great for learning on.

    My advice to you is this.

    Keep riding until you get your full license which will take you just a little over a year which to me isn’t long at all. The more you ride, the more confident you will become which will let you enjoy the ride a lot more instead of thinking about the dangers. If after a year you decide it isn’t for you, then at least you have a full license to come back to riding anytime you like throughout your life.

    Just a note on the VTR250 also, it’s not a bike you want to start going on holidays with on the open freeway, I took my VTR250 from Newcastle to Sydney on a ride once and it wasn’t an enjoyable experience. The engine Revs out too much and it always felt like the bike wanted to slow down instead of speed up. Stick to the city streets on a 250cc
  12. Can you tour on bikes?

    Hell yeah! Can you take the kitchen sink? Nup. Will it be an ADVENTURE rather than an airconditioned boredom cruise? That's the whole point. Travelling is better on a bike - you're immersed in things, not just viewing them through a screen.

    I've been from Adelaide to all over the place, mostly the Superbikes in Melbourne. Am riding from Adelaide to the Snowies in March. Get yourself a sheepskin seat cover (the distance rider's best friend) and you'll be fine. Just don't make your first trip a mega thousands-of-kays epic - be realistic and ease into it.

    You'll wind up covered in smashed bugs and with an aching arse, but it's worth it. We live in too safe and too predictable an age. Do it, see more stuff, meet more people....live. You'll love it.
  13. Me and my girl are starting to get into long distance touring. Gonna start off with a couple of 4-500k trips to begin with, over 2-3 nights.

    We're doing it on one bike, with a tank bag and a pair of soft panniers. Sure you can't take everything you want to, but you'd be surprised at how little gear you actually 'need' to take with you.
  14. I'm actually a bit confused about this point? If you dont have a car now, wouldn't having a bike be an added bonus, as opposed to a hurdle? If you are managing weekends away/holidays at the moment without a car or bike why cant you keep doing it the same way? You don't HAVE to take the bike... But having one allows you the option of a different style of holiday which is a bonus. + 1 for getting a bike.

    Plus even if its day trips, they are sooooooo much more fun with friends along for the ride. So unless you want your girl having lots of fun without you... get a bike. + 1 for getting a bike.
  15. just do it, you know you want to!! there's only one way to find out if it's right for you, you'll figure out the details on the way, and YOU'LL REGRET IT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE IF YOU DON'T !!!
    don't mean to scare you or nuffin' :LOL:
  16. I had some 4BP body armour for my mountain biking. It was quite good stuff, but I bought another back protector for the motorbike as I didn't really like it for the road. Having said that, I have noticed a lot of the armour available in the shops is of the same standard as the 4BP. If you really have to go budget then it should be ok, but I reckon it would be very uncomfortable and hot under a riding jacket.
  17. Mathew, welcome - ultimately the choice is yours, but your probably in the wrong place if you are looking for unbiased views on becoming a rider.
    As Pinkxie's sig reads "Bike Bike Bike Bike"
  18. The Across does alright on the highway, the naked two fiddies aren't the best (I had a Spada). I'm packing up this Friday to do 850kms over two days, I'm sure with the addition of a small bag I'll have heaps of space.
  19. The Across does alright on the highway, the naked two fiddies aren't the best (I had a Spada). I'm packing up this Friday to do 850kms over two days, I'm sure with the addition of a small bag I'll have heaps of space.
  20. Learn to pack light and touring is entirely possible.
    Good luck with your riding.