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VIC Not sure if I should be thankful..

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by stickers, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. What's up with the Eastern fwy this morning.. plenty of coppers everywhere. Hope none of you guys had any encounters~

    Was on my way to uni, running late for class and was doing the usual 110-115 which I know is around 100+-5% from GPS. Suddenly this tourer bike appears in my mirror and he was coming fast. I overtook the car beside and pulled to the left to let him past, took a glance at him and he looked at me. Thought he was going to give me a nod when he flashed his lights and pulled me over. Immediately infront of us then was a highway petrol car in the usual ambush spot in the centre of the freeway.

    Though I was going to be picked for riding a sportbike and being very slightly over, and that the ambush car spotted me a mile back and radioed to the police bike. Went up to the officer, who nicely asked me where my mudguard and rear reflectors were. I was not expecting that and hesitated for a moment before explaining that the bike didn't come with one when I bought it, which was true (seller said it passed RWC like that). Took my licence and went back to his bike.. then pointed out to me that he could have fined me $350+ but I need not worry about that fine as it was not a big issue.

    I was thankful at that point but wasn't sure if I should ask if that was all.. Wrote me a defect notice (major defect, lol) and explained to me that I had to put everything back. Had a glance over his defect sheets and it seems like he had previously done another person for the same thing at 6am this morning. Note my bike was completely stock including the exhaust with only the fender eliminator there.

    Nothing mentioned about anything else and I was relieved that I didn't contribute to state revenue. Continuing my way to the city, spotted 2 more highway patrol cars and that same bike cop making a U-turn at the end to do more people the opposite side.

    He was a nice guy though, polite and patient. I'm sure he would be going to bed tonight feeling a great big sense of satisfaction, knowing that he made the roads a hell of a lot safer today. :applause:

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  2. Your rear tyre could have flicked up a rock,potentially causing a fatal accident.
    Other people just want to go to work and get home safe.
    Its not all about you.
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  3. count yourself lucky....
    could have done you for alot more.
    put the stock rear fender on, get a rwc.
    this isnt a prick of a copper, you haven't been hard done by.

    and you'll find that a fender eliminator is worse then an exhaust....
    now go check that if your indicators are not oem, that they have standard stamped on the lense... otherwise you will need new one's.

    (editorial.... im not trying to be a prick or have ago at you. just a copper doing his job, and pretty fairly by the sounds of it)
  4. OP you do whatever you want ride the bike the way you like it" live your life .there will be consequences if your pulled over .if you can live with that f**k um .don't let other people tell you what to ride or how to ride it "
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  5. https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=129101#.UHQkSvSPePA



    You will be making a financial contribution to obtain a RWC none-the-less.

    Rather have taken the 0 demerit point fine than go through the hassle and time involved in getting a major defect notice removed.

    • minor defect - where further use of the vehicle on public streets after the time stated in the notice may constitute a safety risk.
    • major defect - where further use of the vehicle on public streets after the time stated in the notice would constitute an imminent and serious safety risk.

    Not much to be thankful for.

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  6. Wow I had no idea I have been potentially killing people behind me for the past year by hurling 'rocks' at them. And that fenders actually work.

    Learn something new everyday. ](*,)

    Didn't need a rwc, he was nice enough to let me off. Major defect but rwc not required, just need to put it back and head for inspection.. looks like I was really lucky. :)
  7. You did not receive a major defect notice.

  8. Given the location of rear guards, and the fact that the rock would have been 'flicked up' from the surface of the road, I fail to see how this is even possible let alone relevant. Unless there is a full curtain behind each bike the flicked rock is always a possibility, however unlikely, but fatal accident? Being a bit melodromatic aren't we?

    As for the original story. So you were, by your own admission, speeding? An act which they constantly tell us is the major cause of fatalities blah blah blah and you were caught by the constabulary? Yet they booked you for an equipment violation? Proof positive that revenue is the name of the game.
  9. I'd say you were a bit lucky.

    You were speeding and riding an unroadworthy vehicle (yes I know fendor eliminators shouldn't be a roadworthy item but they are, get over it).

    Rather than book and fine you for speeding and riding a unroadworthy, the copper used a bit of discretion and gave you a defect notice instead.

    So, Justus, it could have been a lot worse for him.
  10. It's not only to stop rocks,you ever been behind a vehicle with no guards when it is raining, so much spray, can't see.

    FE ok if you are sissy who doesnt like getting wet.
  11. You mentioned rear reflector(s), being plural.

    Did the officer advise you to replace the original orange side reflectors as well ?
  12. Policeman didn't say or let OP know he was speeding so its speculation which was excluded accordingly.

    Was referring to only what was discussed between officer and motorcyclist.

  13. I think I saw that gentleman as I was cruising the eastern yesterday arvo, was concluding a 'conversation' just near the chanlder hwy off ramp. the sports bike rider didnt look angry , was a blue with lime green rim stickers, must say I spotted a 'look alike' on an rt1200 citybound with a lime green jacket on, wasnt from the 'safety group' tho. good thing for me :)
  14. Even without the speeding, it could have been worse for him.
  15. I never said it couldn't be.

  16. He can be thankful he didn't get done for more.
  17. Hello mate
    Not having orange side reflectors is.not illegal not having a reflector on the back is

    In 30 years I've ridden with guys that have a fender on there bikes
    and been covered with stones .gravel .water spray thatever .the whole issue of being fined for reflectors or no fender is petty risk averse silliness .

    But that's the law ..an ass
  18. In my experience, that's a pretty good experience, also pretty much par for the course with the bike cops.

    I have a lot of respect for bike cops, they can ride like hell, swoop down on you from nowhere, usually have a good 'no bullshit attitude' (both ways) & look the other way til about +15.

    Cops in cars on the other hand, can suck a fat one.
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  19. Quoted for truth.

  20. mine was a blue bike with yellow rim stickers, stopped before Chandler hwy. but it was in the morning and citybound.


    major was ticked?

    There are two orange side reflectors on the fender, none at the front. It's all lumped together in this big ugly tumour piece.

    I might have been a couple of ks over, don't know. Definitely under the fatal 8km/h over. My bike is over reading by about +11/12km/h at 100ks the last time I checked it with the GPS and that error increases with speed. it's +7 at 60. Thought something was wrong when I was going at 100km/h indicated on the bike and cars were overtaking me. :LOL:

    I also tend to ride in a half or 3/4 tuck position on the freeway especially when it is cold or when there are wet patches on the road (minimises the road spray on my visor). The aero drag decreases and I gain about 1 or 2 ks by doing that. maybe that style gave the impression that I was about to let it rip anytime soon.