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Not sure if I have been ripped off ? :S

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by blackjackx, May 23, 2007.

  1. hey guys and gals,

    Just a quick question with regards to servicing. I took my bike to get its 12K service done at Team moto near parra yestaday and was quite astonished that I was charged 400 bucks for the servicing. parts (oil etc) only cost like 15 and the rest was for labour? Is this amount what people normally pay for servicing or have I been ripped off? Doesnt seem right when car maintenance for doing about the same stuff costs about half this price?.

    - NathanieL
  2. Parts were only $15? Sure? Oil is around the $35 to $50 mark for a bike, oil filter less than that but not too much. Labour is around the $90 to $100/hr for a dealership service. A 12k service might be considered a major service by some makes, so $400 might in fact be reasonable for your bike. I normally expect to pay $200 for a minor and $350 odd for a major. Then you get the bigger majors, with all fluid changes, valve checks and adjustments. They can be $600 to $700.
  3. If its a major service then thats expected. thats pads, fluids, fork seals, tyres etc etc.
  4. Did you get an itemised list of what they did?
  5. Hmm, im pretty sure it was around $15 for the oil and things I'll have to read throught the job description again with regards to brake pads etc, dont think it said they changed them but i did notice they were biting better.But at least it has eased my mind that I may have not payed too much if that is the case.
  6. Sounds reasonable to me if they did what they are supposed to do at 12K.

    Most bikes are a "major" at that mileage.
  7. ok kool,

    Loz yea i did get an itemised list of what they did. Il post it up when i get home from work
  8. I just got a $415 bill for a chain/sprocket replace and a minor service (oil and filter change, and a full check over the bike, excluding sparkies and things you need to lift the tank off for) including all parts... Was a bit more then I expected, but not unreasonable.

    I normally do most of the servicing myself, still need to check the spark plugs (normal thing) and fuel lines (not a normal thing...) Next service at 30,000km, should only take me about a month to get up to that

    Things that typically get done at a 12k service:

    Spark plugs (replace)
    Air filter (replace)
    Oil & Oil filter (replace)
    Check brake lines, brake fluid, clutch cable, throttle cables, etc

    Things will depend on your bike though. My owners manual has a service guide in it (so what needs to be done when), yours might have the same
  9. Decent chain and sprokets is normally at least $250 so I wouldnt be upset at at that price.
  10. nope, i'm not at all surprised at the price but it's not something people tell you about when you start riding :p
  11. $400 is pretty good, it cost me approx $550 to get a major service done.
    all is good, parts sound a little cheap, but all round standard
  12. When I was working in Brisbane I was riding from Gympie everyday which is arround 150 to 200 km 1 way plus riding on the weekends I was getting a service at TeamMoto Maroochy every month with a replacement bike for the night and it was costing arround $200 for a normal and up to $600 for my 30,000km service and every 18,000 a new rear tyre.

    While my wifes commandore costs $150 per service and up to $300 for a major (so far) and its done 120,000 since 2002. But uses twice as much fuel and now wear near 1/2 the fun.
  13. Along this line, I have just run out of adjustment for my chain, I take it this means I'll be getting a new chain and pair of sprockets.
    What should I be up for on a ZZR 250?
  14. Yup, you can change the sprockets or chain individually, but you'll end up wearing the new parts out quicker then if you swap them both out. Probably looking at $150-$250 for the parts, and then a couple of hours of labour if you don't do it yourself.