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Not such a smooth entrance

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by boo, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. Hi newbie here,
    Thought I'd pop in & say hi, after a not so smooth entrance,
    just figuring out the site, links & chat related topics/etiquette. :oops:
    I'm relatively new to riding (a year & half) compared to some of the people I go on rides with, I have a little CBR 250R I'm in the process of trying to sell & am in the market for my first "up grade" how exciting!
    I'm not that "gifted" when it comes to using the computer, but hey baby steps will get you somewhere eventually!
    Anyway hello to anyone who's interested enough to read about another random someone :grin:

  2. Good afternoon and welcome, boo.
  3. Hye dude welcome to the forum, what you gunna upgrade to ?
  4. Cheers hornet600! I just read your joining tips & it helped, a friend guided me to the "welcome lounge" & here my story begins...
    Wish me luck
  5. From chazpowers' sig:

    Misspelling 'Losing' and forgetting the apostrophe in 'Nature's' in the same sentence is grammar's way of saying... :p ;)
  6. Welcome to the mad house boo. Nothing like having a spelling mistake in the post heading too!
  7. Well... A VFR800 depending on the final $ (repairable wreck) shld be my nxt new bike. I wld have liked perhapse a 600 as my first step up but 4 the price I think the VFR will be I'd be silly not to take it.
  8. What the hell is a post heading?
  9. Pedantic gits, you'd never see ME correcting someone's spelling or grammar :p

    They are trying to say that you spelt entrance wrongly in the name of the thread. And you did too, but what the hey???
  10. wooohooo we have a live one, ooopppss mean

  11. Welcome to the forum boo :grin:
  12. Welcome fellow Netrider :grin:
  13. Who the hell cares the thread is about a new rider saying hello , so get a life!!
  14. i think half the people in this world were made to spell wrong. including me

    newyas welcome boo
  15. Meh, I just happened to notice it in this thread but it's bugged me for a while. Doesn't bug me that much though... my post was more a helping hand to let you look like less of a goose. Guess some people are beyond help.
  16. If I could be bothed editing my posts 2wice yes I said 2wice what is that wrong ? like you did then it would show how much of a goose I think I am .... speaking of which a 42 year old on a 250 spada how close to the farm are we ? And don't bother saying hello to Boo though you have posted in his thread twice wait or is that 2wice I am so confused!!
  17. OK, whatever: yes, I edited my post once to correct two errors in it, because I do care about making communication clear for readers. It's the considerate thing to do. Anyway, I'm done talking to you.

    Boo, welcome, have a great time riding and a great time here.