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Not starting easily anymore but why?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Sam00, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. Hi guys all of a sudden my 08 250 Ninja is not starting easily anymore I have to really twist the throttle all the way 2 or 3 times while cranking before it starts even when the engine is warm. Have I got a bad patch of petrol I used premium 95 unleaded which I have used before or is something else wrong? Thanks

  2. Weather is getting colder. Any little fault(s) which may have meant your bike didn't start quite as easily but you didn't notice because it still started OK are now going to start showing up.

    Could be almost anything. You haven't given specific enough symptoms. But some obvious things to check are the state of tune of the bike and the condition of the battery.

    Are you using choke? As the weather gets colder you possibly need more.

    Also is it meant to run on 95RON? I have no idea, but if it is only meant to run on 91 RON not that could aslo be part of the problem.
  3. Insufficient data. Could be just about anything.

    Oh, and hello Sam, by the way - welcome to netrider.
  4. Opening and closing the throttle will have no effect on it, there is probably a 'sweet spot' where it starts more easily, but twisting it on and off won't help. Start with the electrical side, check and clean plugs and re-gap them (or just get new ones if they've been there for a while), clean and dry plug leads by spraying with WD40 and wiping off excess. Next drain carbs(or is it FI?) and see how it goes.

    A full description of symptoms would help, eg. is it cranking slowly? Does it need choke, even if hot? How old is the battery? What's your Mum's shoe size?........
  5. I have only had the bike for about 3 weeks and this only started happening when i filled up last so i decided to drain most of my tank and this time half fill it with 91 unleaded instead of 95 , and now the problem has gone - starts easily first time with hardly any twist of the throttle. The manual says to use 91 or above octane but i guess my bike doesnt like the 95 for some reason. Hoping this was my problem and it doesnt come back. Thanks guys for your responses.
  6. You might have gotten a batch of dirty fuel. If that's the case then you're lucky your jets aren't clogged.
  7. Being an 08, isn't it likely to be fuel injected? If so, fueling on startup is controlled by your computer, and should not require any throttle twisting at all. If anything like the efi in cars, some won't allow a start at all if they detect throttle input.

    Wiki says this - "The U.S. -J model uses dual carburetors like the -F model, but the European, Brazilian and Thai models have fuel injection." Any idea what we have in Aus?

    Looks like we have the J model, if so twist away!
  8. My bike requires a little twist of the throttle to start. I take it this is not normal
  9. My bike uses the choke to start up, leave it on for about 10 seconds then it's ok to go after some light revving to warm it slightly, needs throttle to start.

    Use 91, light amount of throttle (as if you were cruising at like 60 or so) and keep it in Neutral with the clutch pulled in. If it still won't start, check your battery's charge, spark plugs, carbs etc.. How many K's? when was last service?
  10. I don't know how many times the old 91-95 issues have been raised on NR.

    If your bike is designed to run on 91 then at least you are probably just wasting money using 95. However 95 is a denser fuel and some bikes seem to have trouble starting with it. So as well as costing more, it may cause problems.

    However, from posts here, I gather there are states where it is difficult to get 91 without ethanol which is a whole other issue.

    In theory a cold motor should start without throttle and with as much choke as is needed depending on how cold it is. That said it is going to depend on your state of tune and most bike seem to have their own peculiar needs. One of my bikes needs throttle to start and choke doesn't seem to do anything one way or the other. The oter will not start if I so much as look at the throttle but fires first go with a little choke .

    If you have a system that works, stick with it. Just remember though if you put your bike in for a tune-up at some stage you may find your system no longer works and you will have to find what works best all over again.
  11. Yep around NSW it's quite hard to find the elusive 91 non-ethanol.. Most just stock E10, 95 and 98. :(