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Not so stupid questions

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VladTepes, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. My experience has been that, short of SMIDSYs, it's the littlest of things that can ruin your day a tad.

    So with this in mind what tips can people offer in regard to:

    1. Parking a bike on a hill? eg which way would you face it, etc

    2. Negotiating a steep, potentially slippery concrete driveway, or one that might have wet leaves on it.

    and any other similar common situations you might think of.

  2. 1. I face up hill and leave the bike it first gear.

    2.Going up or down? Take it easy.
  3. 1. Uphill, solid ground under the stand, not something it'll sink in, a fair bit of weight on it (bike leaned over a bit - not too upright) and in 1st gear.

    2. er ... hard to generalise. Remember that if the surface is slippery and sloping, the wheels will want to slide down the hill, and having the bike vertical isn't the thing - you want it perpendicular to the surface. Be ready to drag a foot - or both of them. Not very dignified but nor is picking up a scratched bike. Going slower is generally safer, but not always. Sometimes a bit more speed will get you through and past things where you'd slip over if you went slower. Sometimes...

    If the tricky bit isn't all that long, it can be worth your while to park and walk it and have a good look. Knowing what you're about to try and ride over can be quite useful.

    For Dog's sake don't panic and freeze. If you're headed down something steep and the speed starts to get away from you, and there's room to ride it out further down, then keep going. If there isn't, then make the decision to abandon ship early. The one thing you can never afford to do on a motorcycle is sit there going 'Oh, sh1t ...' and doing nothing.
  4. dont use front brake on the slippery stuff (i learnt that first hand on wet grass lol)
  5. Oh, yeah - that one too. And try and avoid locking up the rear if you can. It's dead easy to control and ride out, at low speed, if there's some grip, but when there's no grip, it can just go away and come around completely when you didn't think it would.
  6. Exactly.

    The front brake tip is a good one.

    BiG DaN91 - wet grass is THE slippriest thing going, categorically.
    I've done a lot of four wheel driving and I avoid wet grass like the plaque.
  7. lol yeah i unfortunately have to go over it everyday to get in my driveway. Because we're on a hill i have to go in my neighbours drive then across the naturestrip and up my drive then back in. i was going sooooo slow and barely touched the front brake and whooosh the front wheel goes right out from under me. Luckily it was so muddy and wet my bike was fine apart from a bent gear shifter
  8. Watch where you put yr foot down in the rain - had a close one on slippery, wet white lines.

    When riding/parking bike on wet cement floor (eg. indoor carpark), be very careful & go real slow & upright. I leaned my bike (while astride) to squeeze into a corner & found my Fr wheel slipping on wet floor, eventually had to let go as it had gone pass the "salvageable" angle.
  9. Good wet mud is pretty far up there in regards to lack of purchase.