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Not so Slip On!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Mr.Ed, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. Yep, just received the new slip on for my bike!! :cool: Once again the internet has proven to be the cheapest/easiest way to go. Now all that I have to do is install it unfortunately that's where things get complicated.
    Because my exhaust is an "underseat" kind, I'll have to remove both seats, the rear cowl, the tag + blinkers bracket, the rear sets and the old pipe(of course) . And then put it all back together. So much for a "slip on". :mad: The good news is that it came with a sort of manual, so it shouldn't be too hard. The bad news is that I lack just about every tool required to do the job!
    So for now, I'll just get my camera and go into the garage to shoot a small video of her with the stock pipe to use it as a "before" picture. Once the "after" picture is shot I'll post them both here so people can have a go at me! :p
    It doesn't seem like it's gonna happen before X-mas, maybe before the new year. Sorry! :cry:

  2. LOL.. The under seat systems require some serious work to just slip the can on.. I am sure you will get it done without to much drama though.. :cool:
  3. with:
    1 x shifter
    1 x vice grips
    1 x hammer
    1 x duct tape
    you can achieve anything :cool:
  4. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    WAY too much Macgyver for you joel!!!
  5. Its looks harder than it is mate.

    I fitted mine up in about 1 1/2 - 2 hours. including the run to Bunnings to get the 8mm size allen key for right rearset lol

    Hardest part was getting the ducktail off without breaking it in half the rest is very straight forward and comes apart easy.

    Good luck with it mate :cool:
  6. Oh!! So NOW you tell me? @#$%$@#% I just took every bit out and then... ](*,) Who in the world has an 8mm spanner?? Honda is just crazy (putting the blame on somebody else relieves the stress)!! Well, it's 7:05pm, I'll have to wait till tomorrow to buy one of those. In the meantime I'll do my best not to lose any parts! :evil: Btw, I nearly broke the tail in 2 as well. F#$% hard to pull that out! :?

    Ps: Boy do I feel like screaming!!!! :mad:
  7. Heres hoping I don't have too many issues with my leo vince on the weekend! The instructions are fairly limited.. well what it says is ok, but it doesn't talk about where to cut at all.. we'll see :D
  8. Is it a slip on? It shouldn't be any hard on any bike without an under seat exhaust. I was never a big fan of this kinda can, but now... :mad: The instructions that came with the pipe are fairly simple. If you work for Ferrari F1 team, of course. It says: Remove both seats, seat cowl and exhaust. Install new exhaust. Reassemble the bike on the reverse order.
    :shock: :shock: Am I asking for too much when I say I expected at least "required tools for installation"???

    Anyways, relax phizog... If all goes wrong, you can just stick an old sink pipe on her. I'm sure it'll sound great!! :p
  9. Hehe yeah its a slipon :) Shouldn't present any dramas.. I hope :D I hope the circular saw is up to it..
  10. Why do you need a circular saw, may I ask?
  11. To cut the pipe where it needs to be cut, to get the slip on, on. :grin:
  12. I see... I didn't know you'd have to do that. On my bike you just unscrew this thing that holds the headers and mid pipe connected, remove the pipe + can, slip new can on + pipe and screw it all back together. Putting it simply, of course! :p
  13. Yeah when they call sv650 exhausts 'slip on', they mean it in a fairly loose way :LOL:
  14. Hey Razor, did you have to remove that black plastic that covers the sub-frame? I just can't reach the bolts that hold the top of the exhaust because of that thing. And I can't find a way to remove the cover!! Oh! And I'm the first to admit that I'm mechanically challenged.

    Btw, Super CHEAP Auto. Bought the 8mm spanner and it broke on my very first attempt!! And no, it's Chinese.
  15. FINISHED! :grin: :grin: :grin: Well, my brake lights are not working and the idle is kinda funny (I did expect this one though). But at least she's all in one piece again, and now sounding much better! :cool:
    I'll post the vids later!
  16. So what sitre or company did you use to get your new slip on, im after one for my FZR
  17. kneedragger.com but shop around, even if this is not the cheapest website for your bike's exhaust I'm sure you'll find the one that is! :wink:
  18. hey dude sorry I wasnt able to answer that question have been flat out gotta love this time of year.

    Glad to hear you got it all on in 1 piece.

    Is your idle still alil funny when its cold ? and settles once it is warm ?
  19. That's exactly what it does!! :wink: