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(not so) private testing at P.I.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sbk_750, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. I was told by a little birdy last night that Valentino Rossi and Colin Edwards will be private testing at the island tomorrow on the M1. :D

  2. Know what time? Are there direct flights to P.I. from Sydney? Or someplace I can rent a jet?
  3. Would like to see this, but why on earth come all the way here to do some testing, surely they'll be doing it at Valencia or Sepang?
  4. that would be awesome to go watch
  5. Is this official testing or not, I thought that testing was completed at the official MotoGP test circuit
  6. i dont know if it is Official Testing or not. As far as i know it is a private yamaha M1 day. There will be no other bikes there.
  7. Might be worth a visit, or will we be turned away at the gate?
  8. na, you wont be allowed into the track, you gotta know the right people for that ;)
    But if you wanted to watch some of the sessions there is always the viewing platform at the visitor center.
  9. How much could you see from the vistiors centre, would my camera with telescopic zoom be effective
  10. depends how good a zoom you have :p
  11. I know for a fact there is Official testing going on at PI on the 23rd, 24th and 25th. Not sure which team is testing, but last week Garry McCoy was testing at the Island. I'll give my contacts a call and see if I can find out which team is there first thing tomorrow :)
  12. CBC
    Can you get in, or is it a case of looking over the fence as SBK_750 said
  13. It would be a case of looking over the fence as the testings are usually closed to the public.. will find out more tomorrow.
  14. Exactly where is the official motogp track???
    never heard of it.

    The reason that teams test on as many of the tracks as possible is to build their database for the coming season.

    And as you can imagine PI is very important to be able to win on being one of the last rounds of the year.
  15. Noda said "Is this official testing or not, I thought that testing was completed at the official MotoGP test circuit"
    I merely commented that I am not aware of an official motogp test circuit, you savvy?
  16. How much are we talking here for a VIP pass with full multiple access inside P.I. over the next week?
  17. Weather is probably better here than most of the other MotoGP tracks as well.