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Not so much safety gear...comfort gear

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by robbie55, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. Had a planned hour or so trip through the national park on the weekend that ended up going for 4 hours (got lost).

    After i finally got home half deaf and frozen, I promised myself I would buy some earplugs and long johns.

    My 80yo dad wears long johns, would rather have gone to shops to buy viagra. But it got me thinking what other comfort gear do riders wear?

    be honest.
  2. Don't knock 'em until you've tried 'em. My Mum sends me a pair from the UK every Christmas. I don't like to go without my neck sock: nice 'n warm and reduces wind noise.

    Not sure about the Viagra, I reckon it would increase the risk of testicular trauma during an off.
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  4. There's something so fitting about long johns in a 20,000th post :LOL:
  5. I had a similiar experience.. Got off the other end and felt violated by the freezing cold and annoyed that I didnt prepare for what a 4 degree Melbourne Morning combined with 100km/h travel might do to me.

    Solved that problem very easily.....

    * Neck Warmer or Scarf - If you really want to stop cold air, you can put your helmet on first and then the warmer or scarf and wedge them up between your cheeks/chin and the helmet lining. Takes a bit of fiddling, but jeez it keeps you warm.

    * Go Dimmies or Target or KMart of whatever and get some cheapo woolblend or cotton Long Johns/Thermals. They look ridiculous, and even more silly when your stumbling around with them on trying to get your jeans or leathers over the top of them, but for $15, you cant go wrong and you get used to it after 1 or 2 times. (no different to your keys, helmet, gloves routine). On long trips, for blokes, your nads still might go a little numb or feel a little too envigorated, but your waist, hips and legs feel warm and toasty when your on the bike. I sometimes wear a pair of jocks underneath them, to keep the lads protected as much as possible. And for real Nerd value, you can tuck your socks into the bottom of them as well to stop them riding up. For me it handy as I weat dirtbike shin/knee armout in between my thermals and draggins.

    * Bonds singlet (oversized) - Get a size 22 or something like that and put it on as your first layer. Your getting it more for the length down your kidneys.lower back. If you ride a sports bike and lean forward alot, often clothing can untuck out of jeans/leathers etc and your kindneys cop it in the breeze and cold. A long singlet that you tuck way way down past your Coxxs bone(or however you spell it) and tucked underneath your long johns is perfect for skin protection and warmth.
  6. I bought $1 earplugs from the chemist - enough to block the wind noise but still here the engine and traffic. I also got a 47cent scarf from Crazy Clarks that lives in my tank bag, and the long johns cost me $6.

    But I got the best yesterday - Thomas Cook waterproof fleecy lined jeans - more comfy than flanny pajamas - I think I'll need another pair to sleep in!
  7. Polypro tops and bottoms from katmandu (or any outdoor shop will du)
    polar fleece top and bottoms and dri rider top and bottom.

    Oh yeah neck warmer and thermal socks too

    The good thing about the polypro/fleece is that it continues to be warm even if a bit of water does creap in.

  8. Last night-time winter ride on the Princes Hwy to Wollongong, I wore tracky-dacks underneath my jeans, an undershirt, t-shirt, and jumper underneath leather jacket with winter liner.

    My neck-warmer is a K-mart beanie I cut the top off with a knife just near Bathurst this year... I'd buy a proper one, but this one makes for a much better MacGyver story.

    I am planning to get some heated grips though...
  9. My RJays 'Speed' boots are the lightest, most comfortable *shoes* (not just bike boots but any shoes, including Reeboks) I've ever worn. Wear them all day every day, have extra protection in case of an off, and just sheer comfort.


    And an absolute bargain at a hundred bucks or so.
  10. I wore latex gloves under my (summer) leather gloves when i did 45mins on the highway at 6am this winter. It worked to a degree. I had painfully cold but moving hands rather than stiff, numb hands. Luckily I rarely ride far in the cold.

    I too wear thermals under my draggins if i know it's going to get cold. Thermals, undershirt and then long sleeved shirt is usually good enough for the Brisbane winter.
  11. When you buy a winter jacket - you should try it on WITH a jumper already on!.

    I find,
    Oxford heated grips are the best thing I have done!.
    Good gloves wear out too!. They need to be replaced sometimes.
    Waterproof boots are a godsend.
    A silk or thermal balaclava will keep out of all the cold.
    A helmet that keeps out the mist!.

    And then you stay warm and dry!
  12. I find my little wind-break fairing makes a big difference too.

    And while on the subject, this week my dear wife sewed some velcro strips down the front of my MotoDry jacket, in between the studs, and it might just be my mind playing tricks, but I swear the jacket is now even warmer than before.
  13. Robbie

    Apart from all the thermals, neck warmers, heated hand grips etc which everyone is suggesting and great idea ... the problem I have is keeping my feet warm even tho' I've got good boots. They either get cold in the cooler months or too hot in the warmer months. Sadly one can't get heated foot pegs!!

    Have solved the problem and (don't larf too loud) I wear possum socks and so does my husband. We bought them in NZ and they are made of possum and oz merino. Beautiful and soft and they keep your feet warm or cool as the case may be. Possum fibre is unique in that it is a hollow fibre.

    Bought some for a mate who suffers badly with cold feet whilst riding. His wife has trouble getting them off him to wash them!!

    Brand name is Lochlorian if I remember correctly cost NZ$25 a pair tad expensive for socks but wonderful investment. Best to hand wash them, don't chuck 'em in the general wash.

    Keep cool er warm, I mean.

  14. Oxford Hot grips!

    Thermals are fanfriggintastic! I never ever thought I would where them, but since owning the bike, they have become like a second skin.
  15. Thin silk undergloves - BMW dealers sell them but I'd hunt around - they must be real silk, not synthetic or they won't insulate nearly as well.
  16. Amazing stuff, all good suggestions.

    Good to know I'm not the only nanna out there, but after the weekend I can see how comfort can really effect your enjoyment of a trip. The longer it goes on the more those minor discomforts zap your energy.

    Now that I'm thinking about it one of my own is the one of those inserts that stop your visor from being fogged up. i mentioned in another post that mine changes when the suns out to a dark blue/green that means I dont have to worry about wearing sunnies or taking them off as the light conditions change.
  17. Well winter has given me some very cold and wet mornings to ride to work in. 6.10am starts for 30km ride. I ride through the Plenty Valley which has valleys that are colder still - mirrors ice up at speed!

    Polypropolene long johns under lined leather pants, Explorer socks, T shirt, work shirt, polarfleece jacket and lined Motodry jacket, Turtlefur head/neck cover (new thin one - it's a winner!) and Dririder Nordic winter gloves. Fingertips get cold and parts of face but everything else is warm. Motorists at the servo where I get the paper give me funny looks when it's so wet and cold but I'll never concede and drive the car to work!
  18. No but one can get heated socks. I used to have the heated waistcoast and they're magic. O'course, that was back in the ol' country, it's not cold enough 'ere, we had proper Winters in them days.
  19. I wear thermals, have heated grip and tall screen, wear a neckwarmer and thermal socks but the comfort trick that I love most is treating a pair of my riding pants with cotton proof nikwax.

    Now I have a pair of water resistant riding pants, they breath well and I don't need to stop to get into a rain suit unless it is absolutely bucketing down.

    I have treated my two textile jackets as well. I highly recommend nikwax, it is amazing how a pair of regular jeans can become part of your rain weather kit.