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Not so much a vent...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Miraz, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. ...more a hope that I never go there again...

    I had a big weekend on the bike....went up to Port Macquarie via Dungog, Gloucester, Taree on Saturday and back again via Oxley, Walcha, Gloucester, Raymond Terrace on Sunday.

    The trip up was ok, didn't get seriously wet until Stroud, but when darkness fell the other folks I was with started to get a bit cold, in heavy rain and poor viz as we crossed the range between Gloucester and Taree. Finished with a quick blast up the new, very empty bit of freeway with lightning flashing all around.

    I did the run back on my own from Walcha as the others were staying in Port M for a couple more nights, and whilst I had to deal with a few heavy showers on the Oxley highway, the weather was pretty good until I hit the freeway.

    Shortly after dark, I was following (several seconds back) a Range Rover in the outside lane as it was overtaking a queue of about 5 semi-trailers in medium-heavy rain. I was being intermittently tailgated by a Falcon...not aggressive, but closer than I would have liked given the conditions. Then two things changed almost simultaneously...the rain intensity went up, and the road surface went from tar to concrete with much more standing water. The combination of the heavy rain and the spray from the trucks meant that the world just disappeared from view....the spray coming off the trucks was so intense that visibility instantly went to zero. I had already gone past 3 trucks, and knew that somewhere behind me in the murk was the Falcon...I couldn't clearly make out it's lights, but the murk was lighter....and somewhere in front was the Range Rover hidden in the spray coming off the next 2-3 trucks. I daren't slow down, or speed up....felt I had no chance but to just sit there and ride it out - one of the scariest moments I have ever had on the road.....and the conditions didn't let up 5-10 minutes.....fortunately the RR drive stuck his rear fog lights on so I was able to start gauging distance from him by the strength of the red glow ahead.
  2. WHAT? A car driver used their fog lights in appropriate conditions? I don't believe it.
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  3. Did say it wasn't a vent....no obviously *bad* driving from any the vehicles involved...the fog lights might have been automatic :)
  4. Yeah probably that. I don't think there are ANY drivers who know what fog lights are for.
  5. me me me. When you're behind someone with a rear foglight on you put your front's on to tell them to turn the rear off. When someone behind you has their fronts on you flash your rear to tell them to turn the fronts off.


    it's to give you enough illumination when one of your headlamp bulbs have blown


    they're fully sik innit
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  6. Yep, I call BS.
  7. You're allowed to have extra rear-facing lamps without having them wired through your reverse gear switch?
  8. Rear facing fog lamps are a legal requirement for most countries, Australia is one of the few that doesn't mandate their fitment.