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Not so much a near miss as a BBQ

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. They all do that.
  2. i'd want a replacement for that.

    that shit should not JUST happen.
  3. Red hot italian bike taken too far? Ah well, it was only a 999, if it had been a 916.... :-(
  4. " 'Sometimes these things just happen,' he said."

    Yep. You know what it's like. You're riding along and you smell a BBQ and look down and think "Oh darn. Not again, LOL".

    "If anyone is still keen to ride with the Ducati club, they take at least two a month."

    They take two Duc's a month? Initiation perhaps?

    On a serious note though. Poor bugger but lucky he wasn't hurt.
  5. that's be the understatement of the day, wouldn't it??

    it's only funny because it isn't happening to me; but it isn't really funny at all, poor bloke :(
  6. Good job getting off the bike in one piece, but does that road look like it would be rated for/with a 110km/h limit?...
  7. mad italian machinery... how many of those ferraris burst into flames too? It's just their way hehe.

    Still, gotta be more than slightly miffed after you've gone through the 'phew, thank f*ck Im ok' thoughts have gone through your head.
  8. First 999 I have heard of spontaneously combusting. 848, 1098 and 1198 have known BBQ tendancies. RC8 with filler neck oil leaks also ignite, I know of 2. Expect more bike fires from most makes from now on as underslung cats are hot and any leak of oil or fuel will ignite. Expect to see fairings catching fire as well.
  9. Bindoon - Dewars Pool Road. Yep, I've ridden it often; it's a very pleasant ride.

    And definitely posted at 110 km/h.

    Bindoon-Dewars Pool Road
  10. Hope his latte was okay...
  11. Thats different.

    I havent seen that happen before. Maybe after a crash yeah, but not while riding.

    I wonder what sounds it made?
  12. ROFL, stop posting my thoughts.
  13. I was going to suggest the insurance may be refused after they discovered his after-market latte heater malfunctioned, but then I realised they're stock on the 999... :grin: