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not selecting gears??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by davway, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. ok, only discovered this just before dark and with no back wheel to put back on the bike.
    pulled the clutch lever in, selected First (the dash even tells me what gear im in!) and slowly let the clutch out just to see if everything was working.
    keep in mind, there is no back wheel on the bike and the chain is hanging on the ground so it was a very slow release.
    anyway, im in first gear and ive fully released the clutch. problem is, is the bike is still running and the chain ISNT moving at all.
    tried it with second gear and the same thing happens.
    i HAVENT tried it with some acceleration since there is no wheel on the rear.
    the clutch feels like it engages, the gears feel like they select.
    there isnt any rattling or metal chewing sounds or anything out of the ordinary.
    what should i be looking at?
    is the gearbox a seperate unit to the engine, as in it may need oil or something?
    if the clutch was shot, as soon as i hit first the bike would most likely stall and kick the chain wouldnt it?
    need to get some direction here so i can try and get this sorted tomorrow.
    what's everyones thought?
    (bike is in sig)

  2. I would wait till there's a wheel in place because if the chain catches it will cause LARGE ammounts of damage to engine cases, not to mention anyone's hand holding the chain.?????????????
  3. yep, i know what your saying. chain was just hangin on the ground so no hands to be ripped off.
    realistically i shouldnt have even tried it in the first place but i figured if i ease the clutch off ever so slightly i could get the chain to move maybe 1-2cm without any harm.
    i DIDNT expect to be able to fully release the clutch without anything happening.
    this is whats got me concerned.
    i went out before and rechecked the gear selections. it clearly and concisely selects into gear. you can feel it in your foot and you can hear it click into gear, so why does nothing happen when the clutch is released?
  4. Gears

    With the motor not running select a gear as you move the chain a bit. It should go into gear. You may already have a false neutral confusing things a bit. Move the chain by hand & shift all the way down to where 1st gear should be. You may need to rock the chain back & forwards in between shifting.
  5. thanks for the suggestion.
    just went out to the shed and gave it a go.
    Neutral and the chain would move freely, selected First and the chain was taught and wouldnt move at all.
    guess i may have just got a false neutral after all.
    ill see how it goes with the wheel back on.

    thanks for putting my mind at ease!
  6. all seems fine with the wheel back on.
    must have just been a false neutral.