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Not riding!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by wizud, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Had surgery last Friday to replace a knuckle in my left hand. All went well but I can't ridemy bike for another month!! And supers is next weekend!! Any body want to lend me a scooter?

  2. Replace a knuckle?!

  3. You only need to use the clutch to take off :)
  4. +1. Any more details? Sounds interesting.

    Condolences though, I'm nursing a broken rib, but should be good to go soon.
  5. Unfortunately osteo-arthritis did it's magic, turning the knuckle on my middle finger to chalk so out it came and in went the half plastic/half titanium one. About a month of no heavy lifting (or pulling on a clutch lever) and I should be brand new except for airport metal detectors!
  6. How will you explain it to a customs officer so that he actually believes you? :?
  7. No idea!
  8. punch him with with it! im sure titanium hurts more than bone!

    ive just done me a bit of an injury too and im unsure if im gunna make it down. we need to fins someone with payTV i think lol.
  9. Naaah, just keep riding. As said before, the clutch is only for take-offs. I broke my 5th metacarpal mid-december, was supposed to be in a cast for 6 weeks. 5 days later, I had my P licence test, so I took the cast off in the morning and spent 6 hours on the bike sweating it off. :LOL: Got my Ps, and the instructor still thinks I'm a nutcase. I was doing flat changes when he wasn't looking.

    Kept doing it for a month, and the physio didn't notice that I was rocking up at all the appointments in my full gear with the helmet on my arm.
  10. I've got some steel staples in my chest. Don't set off the big airport detectors, but can set off the wands.

    Showin' 'em the scar from the top of my sternum to its base usually is enough to satisy them ... :LOL:
  11. Titanium wont trigger metal detectors.
  12. Pure titanium maybe not - but implants are an alloy of titanium and things like steel/nickel/cobalt and can certainly can set them off.
    Whether it does or not all depends on the size and orientation of the implant, and how quickly you walk through the detector ;).