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not riding is driving me insane!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ronin11, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. OMG!! i think im going nuts! sitting here going through the regular bike sales places watering at the mouth. i can do nothing but hope that someone takes my car off my hands so i can return to riding. weather is getting good, and i really have the drive right now to be riding, yet here i sit, water coming out my eyes and thinking of a better place, a place where im riding me a nice bike through a great stretch of road.
    im not asking too much for the car or anything like that, i guess its just not the season to be selling right now.

  2. I share your pain. Finding it more and more difficult to walk away from the very obvious POS I've seen for sale just because I'm so damn eager to get back on the road. I know I'll find something eventually but the wait is driving me nuts too. Even new Hyosungs are starting to look an attractive prospect :shock: :eek:hno:
  3. Don't let Loz hear you say that :LOL:.
  4. If you caught me a few weeks ago you might have got my sympathy, but after 2 months I finally have a bike. MY bike! All MINE!! :p :p :p
  5. I hear you. I'm waiting for the K8 Bandits to arrive and I initially thought the 4 week wait would be ok. :)
    Well about half way through it is NOT! The weather is fantastic this time of year and I should be out on the road not just dreaming about it. I rode Mrs 2wheelsagain's ZZR250 on Sat. :) Although its a nice little bike its not my old RF900R or my new Bandit.
    I want my bike! :wink:
  6. for sure. i hated being off da road (was not riding for 6 months). GL with the sale of ur car
  7. hey ronin11...mate i feel ya pain
    was riding to work today... i mean it was 21 deg this morning... had the jacket slightly open, visor slightly open.

    and just having the coolish air rush though ur jacket and your face while riding is kida a awsome feeling...

    hope i havnt hit a sensitive spot :wink: :grin:

    hope to see you on 2 wheels soon mate
  8. I have to drive a tiida while my bike gets fixed (cos some asshole screwdrivered it badly in an attempt to steal it :evil: )

    Its the most un-inspiring car you could drive. My mum would find it boring.

    Hurry up and fix my bike damnit!
  9. troy,. thanks mate.. apreciate your thoughts. bastard. :p
    its got to the point where people i know will tell m they are going for a ride, end up getting abused. its like a nervous tick, and instant reaction of pure jelously that i just cannot control.

    harte, at least im fanging round in a WRX, problem with that is, you have to be doing stupid speeds to really have fun, and its cop bait, bad combination.

    its been 12 months since i sold the bike (ive ridden a litle since then, but nothing really to quench the thirst) and im getting really antsy.
  10. I'm still waiting on new rings and pistons to arrive from Japan (damn me for picking a rare import!) and can definitely feel your pain as I ride the bus an hour and a half each way to work instead of the bike 20 minutes.
  11. I know it's no Fireblade but just so I didn't have to see a grown man cry I'd almost let you try the CBR....

    It'll only cost you your soul :twisted:
  12. soul given.... now wheres the bike :twisted: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. id sell my soul no probs lol. for a superduke, id sell my soul, a kidney and a nut.

    bravus. dont even start me on public transport!!!!! 45 minutes each way on a a train.. those slack fcuks dont even have to worry about turning and they still cant get it right!!
  14. Hey Ronin,

    What sort of car and how much you after??
  15. my99 WRX, and i need 16K to cover the loan. in good but not perfect condition, and will come with RWC. i paid $18500 for it less than a year ago, and even that was a reasonable price back then. ive had 2 offers of 15K, but had to knock them back.
  16. check general 4 sale
    but its a fully sick wrx (blue)
  17. umm.. actually, it is in the general for sale forum, but its a completely standard not tracked/raced/hooned WRX(owned by older people from the country mostly, and used as a shopping car from the owners before me) and its champagne silver. just over 160,000K's on it now.
  18. Told ya Subarus are "old man" cars :p.

    Is there a darker patch on the parcel shelf where the bowls hat kept it fading from the sun :LOL:.
  19. lol.. comin from a guy that rives a non turbo MR2 ill happily take my old mans car thanks lol.

    sure its an old mans car. colin mcrae was an old man when he won the WRC, possum bourne was old. its a great way to feel young again i guess. of course, the WRX has pretty much stayed the same up till this year(next years model is shyte, cept the STI) the MR2 turned into the MR-S, and thats a girls car :p
  20. Bah turbos are overrated. Their only use is to allow people who can't drive to make up for what they lost in corner speed (or make fully sik "psssht" noises) :LOL:.
    The MR-S is definitely a girls car, in fact it's almost as girly as a Celica :p.