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Not ride fit. No. Not at all.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by fifi1980, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. So I went for my first long (ish) ride yesterday.

    Up to now (I've been on the road a couple of weeks) the longest I've ridden without stopping would be around 40 mins, but yesterday skived off work early to get out in the beaut afternoon and go for a ride as husband was at work and wouldn't nag me to come home. :grin:

    Anyway, ended up riding for about 2 hours with one stop of about 5 mins.

    Was almost home and waiting to turn onto Princes Highway at a busy intersection and as I put my left foot down, it started shaking. A lot.

    So thought I'd just put my front brake on and steady myself with my right leg, not used to balancing the bike this way and almost dropped it, much to the amusement of a truckful of council workers next to me.

    Which begs the question - What were council workers doing in a truck and not at the pub at 5.30 in the afternoon?

  2. :LOL: a nice zinger at the end :LOL:

    It's all about doing exactly what you are doing; gently pushing the envelope and challenging yourself. Remember that riding a motorcycle brings into play a whole combination of mental and muscular disciplines that no other activity does; riding stamina is about all those things. Well done :).
  3. Will 10 reps of 10 squats a day help too? :grin:

    The funny thing is, as soon as I was back on the bike after mild agony in the legs at work today, I had no pain at all! Thought it would be MORE painful while on than off.

    I hope within a week or 2 I don't still have this problem because an hour is never a long enough ride.

    And bring on daylight savings I say!

    Thanks for your advice and encouragement Paul- See you at the pie shop soon. :grin:
  4. At Easter time I was on the bike for 3h 45m non-stop (I went roughly from Mt Dandenong almost to Lorne and back). My butt went numb and legs shook the same way as yours. :LOL: The longest stint I did after that was about 1.5 hours because it's better to stop and stretch and stuff. You'll get used to riding longer the more you do it. Have fun. :)
  5. My ride fitness drops off very quickly. I haven't been out for a decent stretch for a few weeks now, so i know I'm going to need to ease into it and build the ride stamina back up again.

    None of the ride muscles get used in the day to day stuff, the only way to build them up is to ride. Not a bad way actually!!! :grin:
  6. Yeah, me to...I've ridden seldom in the past 4 months and I am WAY out of my normal ride fitness range. Just keep at it and you'll build up the strength in muscles you never knew you had. You'll also imporve in evey other respect as well...

  7. hehe.....i know quite a few regualrs who seem to be just getting back into it unlike last year when every man and his dog seemed ride fit and ready at the start of spring