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Not really new but I have been away for awhile

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by VTRBob, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. It's been a few years since logging in let alone posting, but now I'm back on two wheels and doing the daily commute to work for starters. I thought I should drop in and say hello :cool:

    As soon as I get some new boots [ the only things that didn't survive storage ] I'll be on the lookout for some longer rides.

    To all my old friends I say HELLO , and also a big Howdy to everyone that have joined while I've been away !

    No more VTR1000's though the old wrists and back just couldn't go that way again so I have my 2nd choice
    FJR1300 with some mods lined up asap [ Exhaust for a start lol ]



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  2. Howdy and welcome back to NR VTRBobVTRBob , from a relative newbie on a baby VTR. (y)
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  3. Hi and welcome back. I do remember you. Great to see that you're back riding again.

    The big question: will you be known as FJRBOB?
  4. Good to be back , nothing wrong with baby VTR's they are a great little bike :) The bigger ones sound better though LOL
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  5. I have put some thought into that > about 30 seconds lol and FJRBob just don't sound right after 12 odd years of hearing VTRBob :confused:
  6. gday and welcome back VTRBobVTRBob - the FJR is a more than capable replacement! please post up some pics for the voyeurs amongst us.
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  7. Nice to have you back bob.
    From fixing trucks, to now riding one ;)
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  8. Do I have to read them all to catch up ? lol lol.PNG
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  9. welcome back aboard :)
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  10. Hey welcome back Bob, hopefully we will get some of your expertise back on the troubleshooting threads. Good to hear you are back on 2 wheels.
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  11. Welcome back..
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  12. Howdy, welcome back to the fold.
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  13. It'd probably be quicker than getting up to 6th on that FJR ..........................:whistle:

    Welcome back VTR
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  14. Welcome back to NR from a newbee
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  15. Welcome back Bob, I hope all those messy issues of the past have sorted themselves out... A lot has changed here but mostly it's still the same :LOL:..
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  16. Still getting my head around the new look site and how it all operates lol
  17. What you talking about Lewis ? :cool: ;):)
  18. You're still a funny man!!!!
  19. Howdy Bob.(y)
  20. welcome back to the forum.