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Not quite a learner-legal device

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by hornet, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Today at TFRPS (The Famous Robertson Pie Shop) I spotted an example of the fabled Honda Rune.

    Gob-smacked is about as close as I can get to describing my reactions :).


  2. Shouldn't this be in multimedia? :?
  3. Unless the picture you are seeing is moving, no, why???

    If it IS, I can recommend a good optometrist :LOL: :LOL:.
  4. Reckon they'd let you use it for your L's?
  5. Because as the Multimedia forum says "Bike related photographs, video's, and graphics. Share you favourite riding pics"

    Pics as in still life and/or moving. Read the T&Cs! No dumping in General Discussion, a moderator should of realised this!
  6. No, I should HAVE realised this.
  7. That's bike certainly has an "attitude" about it, doesn't it. Nice pics.

    lol @ Firefling. :grin:
  8. Yes, you can't imagine being able to 'just turn up' for a group ride, and 'blend in', can you :LOL:???
  9. That's certainly an impressive looking machine, but what's the go with the front suspension? It's really odd looking.

    And have they ever been sold here i.e would it be an import?
  10. How much RRP these machines go for?
  11. I believe there was less than 200 of them made altogether, and the guy who was riding (piloting?? :LOL:) it said only ten came to Australia, so rarity is assured. I didn't ask him how much he paid for it, but it went for over 30 grand in the US when it was first released.
  12. So...
    was "Make it absolutly FUGLY" A design criteria? or did it just sorta work out that way?
  13. Only sold for one year, and I'm with Hornet and guessing around 10 came here. They went for about $50K then.
  14. Jeez!

    Can you imagine doing mac pass on one of them? :S
  15. can you imagine doing any corner on one of them?

    talk about shiny....but WTF?
  16. Jeepers :shock:
  17. Actually, F-L, it has a strange beauty about it in the metal, honest :). The rider had come down from Sydney via the Hume and was NOT going to ride it down the Pass, (thankfully).

    Photos don't do it justice, and you have to give Honda a gurnsey for making it, despite what opinion might have been.
  18. I bet!

    Definately looks like a work art &/or a couch on wheels. :cool:
  19. Seriously, I've photographed hunderds of bikes at the Pie Shop, and countless bikes elsewhere, but for some reason (reverence???) I ASKED the guy if I could take those pics!