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Not powerful enough, too powerful, Argh! help!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by tim333, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Hi guys, have been reading the forums for about 2 years now, finally decided to jump in instead of being a spectator!

    I am in quite a pickle at the moment,
    I recently sold my Honda NSR150SP and upgraded to an 2004 Yammy R6, being my first "big" bike i was absolutely blown away by the power! Anything over 7k RPM scared me....

    However, as I ride mostly in the around the city, i have decided to sell my beloved r6 for something more frugal and not so "intense", but i dont want something too slow, it HAS to be faster then my old NSR but less then my R6. Naked, sports, cruiser, faired doesnt matter. Prefer fun to ride, poke is pretty important, as well as maneuverability.

    I was, dare i say, very confident on my NSR, not so much (if at all) on my r6.

    and about $8000 budget

    I'm about 165cm, 100kg.

    Cheers guys

  2. lmao
    mate its not fast, just takes time to get use to it coz you had a slow bike before. would hate to see you selling it just coz you think its fast. give it a few wks and you'll get use to it.
  3. lmao
    mate its not fast, just takes time to get use to it coz you had a slow bike before. would hate to see you selling it just coz you think its fast. give it a few wks and you'll get use to it.
  4. lol, yea thats what i keep tellin myself, but tippytoein at stop light annoys me soo much. Also I think im not ready, U turns to me is what kryptonite is to superman.

    Ride more on r6 or get better on a "slower" bike first
  5. Something like an ER-6 might be just what the doctor ordered. Lowish seat height (from memory), easy to ride in traffic, bit less peaky and more tractable than the R6. Or an SV, but I suggested the ER first for the tippytoing issue.
  6. Thanks for that, im really diggin the ER-6, looks tops!
  7. Why not look at a motard, good pace for city/twisty riding, but wont see 180+ unless ou get some top of the range race bike (which would be out of your budget anyway)

    Just a thought, or even the detuned naked version of the R6 (i forget its name) or a V twin as mentioned

    But for what its worth i think sticking it out with the R6 is the go. my best friend went from riding a WR426 with maybe 50hp to a CBR600RR with easilt double the HP. At first he felt it was to much but after a few months and 1500km's of tassie twistys he is loving the HP and going to 13000+rpm frequently (on private roads :p :LOL: )
  8. The FZ6 naked bike ,or FZ6S semi faired. Both can be had for around $8000.
  9. If you want to tough it out, keep the R6, you'll love it.

    If you want to go down the path of a middle road bike, there are a few around, try the ER6, SV650,GSR600,FZ6.

    Good bikes, no high revving peak power that will scare the pants off you.

    I think that going from the NSR150SP to a bigger bike will be a bit intimidating, but the main thing is to use the throttle at a level you're comfortable with.
  10. After rethinking what I had said previously, I think you should follow ur gut feeling and do whats best for you becaust at the end of the day, its you and your bike. I hope i didnt come across as an ass before. :grin:
  11. have you thought about some training. I did the hart intermediate course a few weeks back and I'm no longer worried by 600's and I'm in love with the honda hornet 600. the new ones should arrive just as I go off restrictions!
  12. yep was my thoughts exactly

    spend some $$$ on rider training

    end of the day you may still not like the R6 but money spent on rider training is always well spent
  13. I had a er6f for a loan bike a while ago while my zx9 was getting serviced.While is was nothing compared to my zx9 it was fun and sounds like the perfect option for you :grin:
  14. Thanks for the suggestions everyone,
    because of you, I've actually been able to come to a decision!

    I might tough it out on my r6, hopefully i will get use to it, It's too bloody gorgeous as well. I should of mentioned I've only had the r6 for a few weeks.

    I might get on them training courses, I've only the the courses for L's and P's but I thought they were pretty useful.

    If in a few months it still doesnt work out, I'll check out the Er6s.
  15. if you thought the L and P courses were pretty useful, just wait till you do some real advanced rider training :)
  16. good choice mate, mastering a new bike is a challenge, dont be put off by the fact you're not in your comfort zone at first.
    so far as courses go, spend the money and do the stayupright advanced, they are soooo much better than the honda courses.

  17. yep - you'd drop much more money than the cost of a course on a bike changeover anyway. Book it, book it NNOOOOWWW!!! ;)