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Not perfect

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Skuffy, Mar 17, 2005.

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  1. Good morning all.

    I have been sitting at my desk stewing for a while now and thinking about certain comments made about me on this site. Refer to following link, top post on page 2.


    I know I am not the perfect member and have caused a few "stirs" in the pot. But, I have also been thanked on numerous occassions by members for being funny and fun to be around.

    Alas, I think it may be time for me to leave. Yes, this may be rash and I will think about this further, but at the moment I am far from Happy and may need to move on.

    So, have a great day all.
  2. My two cents worth...........

    I don't believe that by leaving a forum does any good. A forum this size is going to have people with differing attitudes. We all have opinions that not everyone is going to agree with. We are going to have fall outs from time to time. But that is life.

    It makes you a better person by staying and just ignoring the people that you dont neccesarily like or have had a difference of opinion with. There are a lot more people in here.

    I have had many a laugh, from some of the comments that you have contributed to threads Mitch and the forum will be a much quieter place without you. Have a rest for a while and think about it. :)
  3. I've never met you in person... However for what it is worth I have not had any problems with anything that you have posted on this site (and as Brigitte said I have even laughed at times). Even the current argument between yourself and a few others - so be it. People disagree, people don't get along, etc. If everyone who didn't get along with 100% of the people left then Netrider would be reduced to flipper and Mizz zzr (they seem to get along with everyone).

    Netrider is a large group of VERY opinionated / outspoken people (why is it so many motorcycle riders are so strongly opinionated anyways?), and can always do with one more :)

    So I say stay around, keep contributing to both the forums and the events / rides, and enjoy. Similarly for people on the other side of the fence (argument) I would say the same.

    After all - it was you who said You are like me, water off of a ducks back........
  4. Just spit ya dummy out boy!
  5. Just chill for a while Skuffy, If everyone got along with everyone else all the time then the world would be a plain jane boring place to be and we would not be riding bikes.
  6. Maturity is not defined by time served, but by the decisions actions of an individual. The realisation that everyone is entitled to an opinion and to voice it, nomatter how ill informed or contrary to our beliefs, and to be able to accept that is but one sign.

    That is why everyone has the right to vote, but gets only one vote. Unless one lives in Florida.

    Thankfully, my mummy still make the important decisions for me.
  7. Sure, we are all entitled to an opinion... but, an outright attack/insult on a public forum, sorry, but that is unacceptable. :? :? :?

    I responded with an earlier post to Emjaye's remark, and it was deleted by the Admin group, far less insulting, but still deleted. So, you were saying we all have a right??????[/b]

    Alas, no big deal.... I will just take a break from posting for a while..... Those who know me, know my number and can call me. I will keep my eyes posted on rides and show up accordingly.

    Have a great day all
  8. Wow this forum has really matured! Its only when a forum gets to a certian point, a large number of members & conflicts that someone makes a big "attention seeking look at me Im going to leave cos no one apreciates me" post
    Now normally I dont reply to these kind of posts. But this (far as I know) is the first of its kind on this forum.
    If no one likes you just leave. Dont talk about it. Do it.
  9. Hey Eswen,

    I have friends on this site and am letting them know why I wont be around, IS THAT OK WITH YOU....? DO I HAVE YOUR PERMISSION TO DO SO.... OR, Should I bow before you and ask in future.

    Oh, one more thing, do not get involved in things you know nothing about, makes you look foolish.

    PS. I am Mitch, certainly not a pleasure to meet you. :D
  10. ditto that.
    These kind of posts piss me off to no end. Im having my say thats what you do on a forum.
  11. Mitch, you need to read Fireflings sig.
    Too bad so sad, you're staying :D:D:D:p

    Ner ner ner ner ner.... that mature enough for people? :LOL:
  12. erm yeah ESWEN it has happend a few times before, (which you would know if you had been around a little longer than a month) some left, others came to there senses and stayed (as i hope mitch does)

    dude (mitch) we have never met (i dont thinks so anyway) but i always get a larf from your posts, the place wouldnt be the same without you, keep posting mate :)
  13. Once again Eswen, you miss the point... Your comments are personal and NOT appreciated.

    So, my last comment back to you is, avoid communicating directly with me and avoid personal references... Not a healthy attitude.

    We cool now. Good. Bye and have a good day
  14. Mitch has every right to be pissed off.......

    Emjaye's bottled up frustration (she didn't make a comment about the joke Mitch put up until later) spilled out when she found an excuse to publicly attack Mitch. Added to that, Mitch's response is censored while the emjaye's attack remains. I'm shocked that her post was allowed to remain when all the others were deleted. But the Mods must have a fine line they are treading here.

    Mitch I wouldn't give into the peer pressure of one individual, in fact I think its more your style to stick around, if for no other reason than to be contrary to the above desire. :LOL:
  15. I did say IF no one likes you. IF you believe people like you by all means stay. I just really hate it when people make big "ooooh Im going to leave cos people are mean" posts.
  16. Sir Skuffy, never met, but I do get a laugh from your posts, would be a shame if you left.

    Not siding with anyone on this issue as I wasn't there, nor am I in possession of all the facts and therefore perhaps not it a position to comment but it would be a shame if members left the forum due to differences of opinion.

    Perhaps a suggestion to all members of the forum that if a comment is made that is deemed a personal attack then a non-abusive PM should be sent to the alledged offender explaining why it upset the recipient.

    Sir Skuffy, keep on posting.
  17. oooooh scandals scandals scandals!!! :LOL:

    sorry mitch, looks like we got another shitfight over nothing methinks :LOL: i dont know either party in the argument properly (think i've met you all tho) but you all seem pretty reasonable, i dont see what the big deal is here :?

    mitch, you posted up something that was possibly in poor taste, probably not the best comment to make. it was reacted to badly and then you reacted to the reaction badly. you're all sitting there brewing up new ways to be pissed off at each other but once the hot stuff calms down, you'll all sit back and think "well, that was stoopid", cos thats how it looks to the rest of us i'd think. you'll all get over it in a couple of hours/days and netrider can go on being a big close happy family :D just dont take it any further and all will be cool again....

    admins, do you think it might be best if the offending thread was removed? i know you've gotten rid of stuff for lesser reasons than this, no need to let the fire keep burning.

    go hug a tree y'all, it'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside :LOL:
  18. What the hell are you on about????????
  19. he, isn't, the, only; one: dealing. with (heightened) emotional, states. at - the "moment" who? as: a; result, is! struggling. with [finger] rage!;;;;;;


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