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NSW Not new to NR...but new to Sydney!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by JudeAndHerVTR, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. Evening folks! Been a member of NR for about a year and been riding for the same amount of time. I haven't been on the forum in such a long time, but I've just moved up from Melbourne and need new riding buddies!

    Have to say so far the biggest hurdle seems to be just getting OUT of Sydney! The red lights, my god. Very different to Melbs where it's not too hard to get out and find beautiful roads less than an hour from the city. Missing that a little bit!

    I've been on my VTR since getting my licence and love her to bits. I'm sure I'll want to upgrade one day, but that won't be anytime soon as I'm still having way too much fun with her.

    Hopefully soon I'll find some nice rides around here. I've been out to Pie in the Sky once and hope to go again soon :) Cheers!

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  2. Keep an eye open for the local rides George and Bill are putting up!!!!
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  3. Welcome to Sydney :cool:

    As hornethornet just said, there are quite a few organised rides heading out from Sydney, but yeah, it's unfortunate that it takes an hour just to get out of the city before you can even start thinking about relaxing on your ride.
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  4. The putty isn't too far away and is an absolute pearler of a road. The ten mile is a thing of beauty. You've been to pie so you know the old road, that's a goodun. West of Sydney is bells line of road, which is questionable in surface quality but technically excellent. South is Macquarie pass, farken fantastic (haven't been since roadworks started...), and the kangaroo valley which i am not extremely familiar with. There's plenty of good riding around. Where abouts in Sydney are you? I'm happy to show you the nice roads.

    (I realise "Sydney" and "nice roads" are oxymoronic and incongruous, but for all its shittiness it does have a bit of silver lining)

    GeorgeOGeorgeO has been busy lately organising a few rides, they're always good fun and a great way to learn the area, meet a few people and of course get a few miles in, if you don't spent too much time drinking coffee
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  5. How could I forget the Royal national park.... What a road!
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  6. Welcome to NSW.
    There are some great roads around but honesty its got nothing on the ride available east of Melbourne.
    If you want to venture out a bit further you'll find some excellent riding roads with minimal traffic or if you stick close to Sydney there is the Putty, Old Pac and the National park but these are usually over policed and quite busy on the weekends.
    As others have said keep an eye out on the ride threads, Ill try to make an effort get some rides going that venture out a bit further or jump on some of Georges that are shorter and closer to Sydney.
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  7. Hi and welcome to Sydney. Steve VtecSteve Vtec has mentioned most of the popular rides, 'the Nasho' and the 'Old Road' get a bit silly on weekends with traffic volume and behaviour tho'. Good thing about Sydney is you have many options for day rides, in almost any direction. You'll always find a riding buddy through NR which is great.
    Cheers, Fred :)
  8. hi JudeAndHerVTRJudeAndHerVTR / Jude, good to see your desire to ride is still strong, once it gets hold you've got it forever.

    if you want to get a few Netriders together you can also post up a thread saying your looking for riding buddies on a particular weekend, I'm sure you'll get a few hits.
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  9. Welcome to the forum.
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  10. Hey Jude.. Welcome aboard!
  11. How could you ditch us :( !! We have great roads , excellent coffee , food and me that comes with baked goods in VIC :p

    On a serious note ..welcome and congrats on the move.We have a great bunch in NSW and in sure they'll look after you JudeAndHerVTRJudeAndHerVTR . Hope to see you at next years Jindy trip ;)
  12. Haha Bee!!! I know, I'm missing Victorian riding SO MUCH. Has to be said. Don't miss much else about Melbs, but those roads....sigh ;)
  13. I'd be more than happy to show you "The Loop"! Macquarie Pass, Pearson's Lane, Kangaroo Valley, Cambewarra Mountain, Nowra, Berry, Jamberoo, Albion Park.. 186 kms of fun!
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  14. hornethornet I'd love to come along when you do that!
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  15. You're on!!
  16. I'm down! I love long rides. Has to be a weekend though. Pesky work commitments and all that.
  17. Welcome JudeAndHerVTRJudeAndHerVTR

    I'm a recent returnee to riding & I've discovered quite a few 'hidden gems' roads hanging with this bunch,
    you'll be fine once you get used to this place. :)
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  18. I see you've now found (or been found) by the crazy mob that is the Sydneyites. Don't bite: much.
    And if you meet them, they'll prob be just as fun to hang about as bikes.
    Stay upright!
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  19. Welcome to NR and Sydney . Enjoy.