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Not new but back

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by MotoRecoveryTransport, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. hiya kids & squids

    i use to be a member here long ago but have rejoined after a bit of a journey
    and just wanted to say hi to all.. safe riding to all the new riders and remember you dont know where your limits are till you have gone beyond it :)

    peace & wheelies

    ps: you can find me in the business section if i can be of any help to the riders on NR
  2. Welcome (back), Mark!
  3. why thank you sir ;)
  4. Welcome back and I see you are actively waving your banner, good luck , hope you get some work out of it.
  5. thank you and i hope so to as its a bad time to try get something new off the ground
  6. I've been in business most of my working life, trust me , there is never a "good" time unless you have just invented Facebook or the mousetrap. If you have an idea you believe in and you've done your homework which shows it's worth a shot, then give it your best shot. If you get knocked down, get up and have another go.
    Network your friends, contacts and existing customers to promote your business at every opportunity. Spend $5 out of every hundred you turn over on advertising your business, even if it's just fliers you can drop off to MC clubs in the areas you want to service.
    There you go I just bumped your thread for you and it was free :)
  7. thanx for the bump and ive got the cards and fliers going out and got some great people
    behind me to help with their services as well..