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Not new but a new look...

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Its the Pleats, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. I was getting sick of looking at the green colour so a trip to the chromers fixed that! What do you think? ImageUploadedByTapatalk1355947976.324956. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1355948012.524777.

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  2. what the fcuk did you do to that bike.

    whatever floats your boat.
  3. Gday mav! You no likey?
  4. looks good, be bright in the sun???
  5. Yeah i might get the sun reflecting in my eyes. I'll probably get sick of polishing it soon so the dirt will dull it up!
  6. yeah thats the only downside i guess, changes look of the bike dramatically!!
  7. Kill it with fire!

    Haha, but seriously, not my cup of tea, and the reflections are going to melt your face.

    What matters is that you like it :p
  8. Oooh, shiney :)

    Actually, I think it works. If you're really keen, a polished swingarm would balance things up a bit.
  9. I thought about doing the swingarm and the bottom cowls (still might...) but i dunno, might spend the money on doing the rear shock change out. Anybody with an R1 upgraded their shock and have the OEM one lying around? Apparently they slide straight into the Versys and improve it out of sight...
  10. Kill it, kill it before it lays eggs :p

    Nah, j/k looks good, might have some practical implications but otherwise not too bad.
  11. I'd be surprised if chroming the bike is not illegal...........
  12. fcuk illegal

    chrome everything, including your gloves, helmet and teeth. the world needs more chrome. blind the fcukin cagers day and night
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  13. Awesome - a fingerprint attractor!
  14. Nice cant wait to see a pic of it on a sunny day :cool:
  15. Good for checking for bugs in your teeth.
  16. WIll make for an interesting conversation next time you're SMIDSY'ed.
  17. I'm keen to take her for a ride on a super sunny day and see just how bad it is - busted, confirmed or plausable!
  18. Ha, classic! "Sorry mate, all i could see was ME!"
  19. Should make the hand held radar cops think twice too!!