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Not my near miss but definately not a cagers fault!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by buznbye, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. ok so im from adelaide for those who are too

    sitting at sth road lights near the brick works market, and a bike filters through to the front
    lights are red and he's slowly moving across the white line, has a female passenger on the back too

    lights go green and he screams off
    200m down on the left a car is pulling out onto the road
    he swerves hard enough to miss this car that he ends up going up onto the foot path to miss the damn thing.
    expect he would of been doing easy 120 clicks when having to avoid a car coming out of the street

    hope none of you guys from adelaide do this kinda crap, this guy had to stop and check his pants after it all happen!
  2. thats kinda his fault i think, if ur gona take off fast and your not looking that far ahead for cars n other things that could knock u out (crap on road) its kinda stupid. if you were able to see the car pulling in from where u were, he woulda saw it earlier, n shoulda slowed down.

    he sounds liek one of those idiots who are summer riders; spring hits, good weather, get my licence, ride for 3 months, starts getting cold/rain, sell bike.
  3. Where?

    More like "spring hits, good weather, get my licence", borrow litre-bike, total said bike, end up in body-bag, parents tell everyone motorbikes killed their son, government increases minimum age and restricted licence duration.
  4. i got no idea what he was thinking

    this happen a fair while ago, but out of all the stupid things i've seen some riders do, this 1 near miss has stuck in my head.

    i saw the car coming out from 100-150m away, he would of seen it alot earlier then me !

    speed_demon, i live in campbelltown in adelaide

    and yes im new to the site :p
  5. More like "spring hits, good weather, get my licence", borrow litre-bike, total said bike, end up in body-bag, parents tell everyone motorbikes killed their son, government increases minimum age and restricted licence duration.[/quote]

    TAC (vic) / CTP (other states?) premiums increase
    Idiots give us riders bad name
  6. Heh, I saw a similar thing on Anzac Highway a while ago. Bloke on a GSX600 (I think :S) filtered through to the front. Had a pillion on the back too.

    As soon as the lights went green, he took off. Obviously wasn't looking forward, because there was a car infront of him who'd obviously had to wait for the light to go red to finish a right turn. Planted himself and his passenger right into the side of the car.

    I stopped to help, and luckily they were both ok, but the car driver was ready to beat the living daylights out of the rider. Turned out he was one too and he was shouting at this bloke about how it's dumbarses like him that give riders a bad name and how he should think about the fact he has a pillion before taking unnecessary risks and he should look before taking off etc. etc.

    Kinda funny really. The poor girl on the pillion was pretty unhappy too though, and I wouldna been surprised if she gave her boyfriend or whatever he was hell when they got home.

    Me thinks those blokes over the western suburbs just don't know how to ride ... the salt in the air gets to them ;)

    Anyway ...

    Willzah, in SA, CTP is covered in our Registration costs. Only time you pay anything xtra after rego is if you want more than CTP insurance.
  7. Victorian Government introduces $56 per annum Motorcycle Safety Levy to save us from ourselves.

    Cops start wasting my time for random licence and rego checks because clearly someone sauntering through town on an out-dated 250cc sports-tourer at about five kays under the limit is such an incredible threat to society.

    Cop who is manning a RBT roadblock signals me in after I ride for 50 metres in front of him at half the speed limit completely upright and in a straight line. Yeah, that's right numbnuts, I'm over 0.05. :roll:
  8. Heh. I dare say he picked you because he knew you were under. That means less paperwork for him.
  9. Yea in vic TAC is in rego cost too. But they are much higher for bike than car.
  10. Hmm, funny, in SA it costs twice as much to rego my 1992 Corolla Hatchback, with its amazing 4 cylinder 1.4 engine than it does my 2004 CB250 :S
  11. hm, definitely his fault - the car driver might have seen him, far enough, doing maybe 60 at that time, obviously it looked OK to go ... the fact that the bike was still accelerating to 120 or something obviously wasnt obvious. stupid of the biker.