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Not my first off :P

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by kittiminx, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. and despite my best intentions, managed to bin it on wet roads this morning. :-({|=

    Lesson learned about riding to the conditions. ](*,) Heading out of the city on wet roads this morning, went to change lanes on Queens Road outside the Sebel Hotel because the lane I was in was banked up. I head checked, and the traffic in my lane stopped quicker than I expected while I wasn't looking. Was too quick on the bars (and while I don't remember doing it, I probably hit the front brakes as well), front wheel just let go and I was on the road, not wanting to end up under the bike or under another car coming up behind I rolled away and stood up and stepped onto the grass. So I'm standing up almost instantly, and I look back and my poor bike was wedged under the rear wheel of the car in front.

    It took 4 guys to pull it out, I think the front forks are bent, otherwise surprisingly little damage, lost the front wheel guard and left footpeg, small scratches to the left bar end and clutch lever, scratched right radiator cowl and coolant leaking a bit, all other fairings look ok and no tank damage, scratched the engine cover and left pillion peg. no damage to exhausts. Fully insured, called RACV already and I guess that will cover the other car as well, so it could be much worse. Oh, and I banged the left knee a bit, draggins seemed undamaged but when I got home found a nice graze and a bit of a lump on the kneecap, and it's stiff as anything. Some lovely people at the hotel drove me home, back tonight to pick up the bike on a ute hopefully.

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  2. glad you're ok. Any damage to the cage?
  3. Go to your GP and get an x-ray on that knee of yours Sophie. Better to be safe then sorry. Other than that, bit of ice and look after yourself. Could have been worse.
  4. Not very much, I think. Their rear bumper got a bit cracked pulling the bike out (as you can see, it took 4 guys holding the bike while they drove off it :p ) and as far as I know, that's usually stupidly expensive for a piece of plastic.

    I suppose I should get an x-ray, but I really don't feel like sitting in a hospital right now. If I want to TAC it I'll have to go to emergency instead of a GP, and that's going to take all day probably, I have uni work to do (and no transport lol)
  5. TAC will only cover you after the first $554 out of pocket. You can always lodge claim later, as long as the xray paperwork mentions motorcycle accident.
    Besides $$ shouldn't come into it where health is concerned. If you're a Uni student should be able to go to a bulk bill clinic and get them to send you for xrays if you dont want to go to emergency, not many GPs available on a Saturday afternoon anyway.
  6. Are you sure you have to attend emergency for TAC?
  7. glad you're ok, and as above, take care of yourself, I had a stack and bikes are easily replaced, my right shoulder reminds today that our bodies are as easily fixed [100% anyway]
  8. Thanks HB, but I've had prior experience with TAC and know the drill - you can only claim if you go to a hospital for the initial treatment, if you go to a GP first they won't cover you at all for those costs. And yeah, i'm a uni student and can get x-rays bulk billed, I just CBF, not so much the money as the time. I've been icing it, 15 on 15 off, and taken some anti-inflams, if it's worse monday I'll get it checked out.
  9. Oh, and I didn't mean to sound ungrateful, I appreciate all the caring words, I do, it's just I know my knee pretty well and it's not that bad.

    Also I meant to say thanks to the other rider who stopped, I didn't get a chance to say it properly on the spot, but it was great, he helped the other guys with the extraction and picked the bike up for me and put it on it's stand, not sure I would have managed it very well on my own. (not sure if he's on NR, didn't get to talk to him really)
  10. Looks like those from and axle sliders I see in the pics were a good investment :D

    How fast do you think you were going?
  11. Have to disagree. I went a little over a week ago and when I was filling out the forms at the xray place there was a section to notify TAC. Admittedly my GP visit is only covered under the normal Medicare, but if you go to a bulk bill you aren't out of pocket, no excuses, get checked out.

    Some of the aches and pains don't show up for a day or so.
  12. Thanks HB, I prefer to know the facts, good to know they've changed it since my accident (nearly 5 years ago), at the time it was all over the paperwork I filled out. Seemed a bit unfair to me, so it stuck in my mind.
  13. less then the speed limit - about 50kph? still too fast in the wet with traffic ahead. I suppose I can take it as a wake up call that i've been getting complacent, I know I've been riding too recklessly recently. :nopity:

    Ah well, I'm just hoping the frame is straight and it can be repaired, I doubt I'll find another street triple in such good condition for the price I paid any time soon :(
  14. Any news on the repair?
  15. no sophie, not again :(

    At least this time you aren't injured (though I agree you should get yourself checked)

    Chin up girl, you've had worse than this....
  16. It's always been the case that there's been a TAC excess (currently $564). If you have any long term effects, you'll reach that pretty quickly. Apart from the amount of excess, the rules haven't changed - I suspect no-one explained it properly.

  17. You're ok Sophie, and as we know, THAT's the main thing.
    Insurance will fix up the triple for you (brilliant bike btw). And don't be surprised by the damage bill.
    This is the first post of yours that I've come across for ages. Good to see you back at it. :)