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not much to look at yet

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by brickr34, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. just thought i would put up a pic of my 30th birthday present, not much to look at but will be nice when finished, just waiting on parts to arrive now.


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  2. that's going to look good when your finished . Nice colour too . good luck
  3. Good luck. :wink:
  4. [​IMG]

  5. Lots of potential. Will be a nice bike when finished.
  6. Had the frame checked? Looks like its taken some punishment.

  7. geez mate, couldnt they give you a finished spewzukie for you birthday

    oh and not bad yourself
  8. the impact was on the front wheel, frame looks good. it was my idea for a broken bike and for 1300 i couldnt pass this one up
  9. 600 or 750?

    Forks ok? Headstock?

    Should be a sweet tracky once all ready to go. Fantastic.
  10. i thought it looked like a thou
  11. Defo a thou.
  12. wooo. what do i win
  13. it could be but I can only see one exhaust and can't make out the graphics on the tail section
  14. nice so whats the plans for it :twisted:
  15. the thous only had 1 exhaust up untill a few years ago.

    they look like thousand stickers to me... who would buy a smashed up 600 or 750 anyway
  16. yeahs its a 1000, forks where not even bent but one of the inner tubes was broken, got the new ones today. cant wait to get back on a bike, hopefully wont be too much longer waiting for bits
  17. Thats an awesome project man! Are you going to streetfighter it?

    I wish i had a project like that haha
  18. no i have a fairing coming for it, bits and pieces arriving everyday now, just need some of the big stuff to come so i can start putting it back together
  19. here are some progress shots, i have been stuffed around by people in the states so im a couple of weeks behind schedule but atleast all the parts should be on their way now

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  20. keep us posted mate im really interested in doing this or simmilar myself. I'd love to know how much its all costing you too. Man i love projects!

    Where'd you pick up the bike? The auctions?