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Not much longer until we have warm weather again…

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. …I look forward to not having to layer for the ride to work every morning :angel:

  2. i look forward to my warm boy-bits not coming in contact with my cold leg-bits and retracting so far i choke

    but really i'm just looking forward to being more comfortable in general in the coming warmth
  3. did a 395k round trip from Frankston to Fish Creek for lunch today and didn't need the heated grips, roll on summer
  4. Nice break from the usual winter weather here in Adelaide, too (sunny and around 20 degrees both days this weekend). Really noticeable how many extra bikes on the road today :D
  5. Keen, right now motorcycling reminds me more of skiing then what i had dreamed riding would be like.
  6. Had -8 with ice on the road in Canberra last week. It's got one month to get warm (my winter car only gets 3 months rego a year).
  7. Too cold? Sooks.
  8. Today was perfect in Melbourne I swear everyone who owns a bike was out and about on it, they were every where.
  9. Oh don't get me wrong, I'm out there every day, but it doesn't mean I enjoy the cold ;)
  10. apart from me
  11. dude, check your gender. you don't have boy bits. so you could'nt possibly understand
  12. and forecast for 17 degrees tomorow = can use FULL POWER
  13. Had to look after my daughter today otherwise I'd be hitting the road!

    Rest of the week should be sunny too!
  14. i'm tryin real hard to come up with the ultimate burn but i'm stuck [-(
  15. Currently down at Lakes Entrance, great cruising days .. reckon I might ring work and take the day off Monday.
  16. Was out today...but only to go to Bunnings to buy some small things. Was going to take the car until the brakes died on it. But was a nice ride without having mutliple layers, neck warmer and using summer gloves which have more feel than the winter gloves. Was lovely :)...even though I spent most of it pruning trees and mowing the lawn.
  17. i went to Hastings. wet clay on the road from local earth works. fun stuff, especially on roundabouts. matter not how gingerly you pull up to stop, just ziiiip, ok, now you're stopped
  18. and me.. i heard all the bikes going past in groups while washing the bike.. sooo jealous!! the passing bikers kept revving it up as they passed as if to rub it in even more..

    my o2 sensor sheared when removing it from my stock pipes to install my new arrow 3-1. lesson learnt- remove when warm not cold and apply anti-seize next time... waiting on my tune cable so i can at least turn the o2 off until i get a replacement.

    i will miss the cold 6am freeway runs! only because the bike loves the cold, not me.
  19. ^this
  20. tripple + arrow 3-1 + tunnel
    = just too ****ing awesome for words to describe.