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Not much action on the forums this arvo...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Breno, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. ...i guess thats cause all u lucky folks are out taking advantage of this beautifull weather! dam this stupid work.

    and just by any chance if the ZZR250 (red/pink bike, white/red helmet?) rider i was next to on the w'gate just before noon today reads this, what in gods name where you trying to sign to me? lols.
  2. Ah yes, breno, just got back from an exhilarating sprint up and down Macquarie Pass!! The traffic was a bit bad (it's a Holiday Weekend here in New South) but the road was clear of leaf-litter and stuff and the little Hornet got to 'clear its throat' up to ten grand, so I'm a happy camper!!
    And ain't work on the weekend, specially on nice riding days, just a royal pain???
  3. i work almost every weekend, and during the week work afternoon shift, so even miss out on the coffee nights. in the 4800km my bike has done, i thinkn about 30kays was on a cruise with some NR's. boo work!

    hopefully getting out of this hell hole in about 20mins so might take a a nice leisurly (spelling?) cruise down beach road.
  4. I can sympathise with you Breno, I 'm not working but the missus is sick so housebound with the billy lids.
    managed to go for a quick spuirt yesterday arvo though.
    better than nothing. seen plenty bike go past the house though which makes it hard.
  5. these days if i am not working the weekend my lovely wife is....i have gone out for a chat with my bike today, had to explain to her that there wasnt much chance of a ride this arvo even though the weather is magic.
    with better weather brings tourists, and with tourists comes more hours for my wife at the cafe so im stuck looking after my booootiful kids :?
  6. The weather is magic, the wife is out presumably still partying with her friends and I'm stuck at home with the kids.

    I did manage to go for a drive in the car without the roof on, but it's just not the same.

    Had a look at the TV but there is this game called the GayFL where a bunch of pansies kick around a bag of wind :shock:
  7. I spent all morning looking after the ratbag while she went gallivanting around. Then she decides we're going for lunch with her family!
    Bollocks to that; I made some lame excuse about needing to get stuff done..hehe
    Soon as she was gone i was out the drive on the bike for an hour or so :grin:

    Still had free time when i got home so cleaned them both
  8. i stayed at work for 2hours (out iof the 8 i was meant to shhh) and ended up going down beach road to some town that starts with M, i dunno what its called, was too busy enjoying the ride to read signs :D

    All you people with kids, just give them candy and put finding nemo on, that will buy you at least an hour.
  9. same sentiment here folks :(, wife and kids are slightly crook (cold/flu combo). very tempting but naah, there is always another day, patience is a virtue and we can not have fun all at the same time right? someone has to give tlc to the other halves so the other half (w/2wheels) has to sit it out in the garage for now. for those of you who got lucky and managed to get out - :applause:
  10. you really brought out the :nopity: in us poor ol' dads today.
    my better half just got home, grabbed her stuff and headed back for shopping. because i dont do shopping i was powerless to argue...
    when i heard the car come up the pavers and sunlight coming through the windows i thought i was out of here!! :? :evil:
  11. Well, I've just had ANOTHER gallop up Macquarie Pass!

    Had a pie and coffee there on the first run, so I had a lemon meringue pie and a coffee on the second; good to balance main course and dessert, and a ride in between!!
  12. +1 :grin:
  13. Cos we were all out riding. I've just got back from the spurr, black and reefton. I saw hundreds of bikes out today. 350k day, beauty!
  14. I'm happy for you - not! :p Jealous more like it ..... damn work - at least Ballarat was fairly pleasant around the lake today :) Still haven't taken the new bike up the spur :( fingers crossed for next week ........
  15. :LOL: good for you Hornet sounds like you had a great day but Im wishing I had some of that lemon meringue pie now, hmmm yum!

    Today I also did a bit of riding today between lattes and ciggi breaks avoiding the footy & tv. Was great weather for it :grin:
  16. Damn straight we were all out riding the spurs! I saw a heap and a half of Netriders out today enjoying the good weather. I'm positive i saw Franky on his 'Busa, and i saw Cathar on his R1 on my way home. There were a few other possible sightings but can't confirm.
  17. I took two of the kids and two of their mates down to Narre Warren to the wave pool. They had an awesome time, I sat there listening to all the bikes going past :?

    Tomorrow is another story though, will be going for a ride up to Warburton :grin:
  18. i just finished my several 1000 km round trip to adelaide ;)
  19. Nah, that's tomorrow when all these players run around sticking either their digits or heads up other guys rectums :p
  20. I was stuck building a shed for my brother all day. Was dying to be out riding today with such beautiful weather but it was dark by the time I got home :( Definitely be out there tomorrow though (between lunch with family and dinner with girlfriend!).