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Not Invisible.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by gileraguy, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I work in a bike shop, but I thought I'd share an experience here.

    Rode a White BMW one day. White Helmet, Black jacket.
    Going down the Anzac Highway cars were moving out of my lane 200m ahead of me. They could see me in their mirrors!

    Rode a Black Harley. Black Helmet, Black Jacket, quiet pipes.
    Same place same time and they couldn't quite spot me as well as on the copper look-alike. But all the same they cleared a path 100metres ahead of me!

    So if they can see you on a white bike AND they can see you on a black bike they CAN see you.

    They couldn't hear the Harley, so they HAD to bea bale to see it.

    The meaning of this post is this:

    Drivers MUST see all motorcycles.

    If you are a Copper or a Biker you are a threat to drivers, so they take notice of you.

    If you are on a sports bike or a scooter, they couldn't give a toss. You'll bounce off them and they'll go home to dinner...
  2. I'm still not going to trade my new vfr on a BMW............mmmmm.... NO I OWN"T!! :wink:
  3. they pull to the side when they here a ducati :grin:
  4. Thats only because they're about to swerve back and hit you :p
  5. If only every day on the bike.. and bike could be like that :roll:
  6. I tell you were Im invisible, waiting at a bar waiting to order a drink. Every person around me gets served twice before I do.
  7. So what your saying is, if you were on another bike that was not a white BMW or Chopper, they wouldn't have moved at all?

    LAWL @ intimidating car drivers with White BMWs and Harley's!
  8. Eye contact is the key my friend, look them in the eye and they come straight over :grin:

  9. This is one reason I was seriously considering an ex police bike when I bought the GTR....maybe I'll paint teh GTR white!

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. personally i find being an arrogant, impatient alcoholic works for me. they want to get you away from the bar quickly after that.

    then 2nd round you say, "look i'm sorry i was so rude before but you served about 5 people that got to the bar after me, i tried to be as patient as i could.

    give em the guilts.
  11. Hahah, damm.. thats happens to me aswell!
  12. You gotta get to know the barstaff, or go drinking where your mates work :grin:
  13. Definitely . . .
    big gets noticed! :cool: