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Not impressed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Riding last night i was in the centre lane of a 3 lane road and because i ride without mirrors i didnt see this coming.. suddenly by my left a 250 cbr or zx2r L plater comes screaming past just inch's past my bars. i thought to myself what a idiot and then after 20 seconds decided to go after him. i went after him and closed right in as he caught the last second of the amber arrow and i decided not to go thru the red light. Whats more suprising is i saw he had a netrider number plate surround. If your reading this Mr L plater if i see you again and your stopped.. Your in for it!

  2. Maybe you should put your mirrors back on then. Sheesh.

    And no it wasn't me.
  3. Where are your mirrros and why?
  4. Perhaps the mirrors were stolen and they're on order. duh :roll:
  5. prolly know who u were and just wanted to say hi
    or maybe it was a hot chick... tryin to get ur attention
    :LOL: :LOL:
  6. not

    So were they stolen??
  7. Mr magoo was walking down the road when a truck nearly killed him :shock: When the truck stopped he walked right into the back of it,then realised he didnt have his glasses on :shock: (mirrors)
  8. Perhaps the L-platers brakes had been stolen and were on order too :p.
  9. :LOL: Sorry but i find that amusing.

    Damn netriders!!
  10. deathwish, u dont even say what state youre in or what you ride, so we cannot begin our witch hunt til we know these facts :roll:
  11. Aww diddums? Want a hankerchief?
    Would love to see how you go when someone tries to pass you along the Reefton spur.
    Ride a bit of motocross and then talk to me about close passing.
  12. Sounds like riding a bike is too easy. Take off the mirrors for more of a challenge. Better yet, ride blind folded and use the force! Maybe the other guy is saying "I was behind this bloke with no mirrors and he was all over the road, nearly hitting me and other cars just behind him. So I had to hoon it to get past him quickly. 20 seconds later he is after me with murdurous thoughts of rage, and he was a netrider!".

    Seriously though, get your mirrors as soon as you can so that you dont get any more surprises.
  13. Did you fall? Nup, so get over it get back to whatever it was you were doing. You want get too much sympathy if your riding without mirrors. :)
  14. it was me it was me it was me :biker:
  15. I'll get flamed but mirrors or not the person on the two fiddy behaved in an unsafe manner.

    You simply do not ride that close to another bike, especially when it's someone you don't know and there's heaps of room! And doing it at speed makes them pretty brain dead.

    Sounds to me that if they keep that behaviour up a P plate mightn't be forthcoming.
  16. I ride without mirrors cos i ride rush hour to work (city) everyday and it helps with splitting like nothing else. Other bikes stop and wait and I keep going!!
  17. Isnt it illegal to drive/ride without mirrors... lucky you have been whacked with a fine for it.. :driver:
  18. Ive been booked for speeding without my mirrors on and the cop didnt even say a word!!
  19. \:D/
  20. Nah i totally agree with you, if it were me i would have been enraged and a red light wouldnt have stopped me followin em for a nice chat. I just found it funny that it was a netrider.