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Not happy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by suzukiboy, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. Hi ppls
    on the weekend i was out on my bike when some drunk got on my
    bike without asking i was inside and you know what happened next dont you?

    thats right he dropped it and i tell you i was not happy

    has this happened to anyone else??
  2. Did you display your displeasure with your two good freinds Mr. Right and his associate Dr. Left?
    That would really be the only course of action that would leave you satisfied. Crucify me if you will people but I would be beyond furious...
  3. Nup but the other day my bike is parked out the front of work and the Police Band [what a waste of money] decides to have a concert. So they move my bike so they can get their gear unloaded.

    Well I have a disc lock so they picked up the front wheel to move it. Any ways they must have picked it up by the light and as I was driving down the Monash I thought hmm lights a bit dull it was pointing up to the bloody heavens.

    I was pretty pissed off. :mad: :mad:
  4. Did you get the guys details (insurance/him paying) for damage??? THAT SUCKS!!!
  5. lol i almost did but didnt and he knew he was walkin a fine line too
    cos i was thinking if i do that i will not get any money out of him to fix the bike got $100 out of him there and then and he said he will pay for the rest but we will see
  6. Ahhhh, that sounds better.
  7. Law and Order?

    Tango and Cash?

    Pride and Prejudiced?
  8. :rofl: :rofl:

    Smokey and The Bandit?
  9. Careful Ktulu. Law and Order are trademarked names for Chuck Norris' left and right legs.
  10. It's the usual "Don't touch a motorbike unless you have permission" thing.
  11. A couple of times I have had little kids climb on the bike when parked at the shopping centre. I park right outside the shop where I go, but you turn your head for a second and...........
    Little shits running rampant while Mum looks the other way and does nothing even when she sees them. Some people should not be allowed to raise children!
  12. Hell i would of been doing the same, aswell as introducing him to some bankstown connections :cool:

    i'd be unleasing some hectic helicopter punches :grin:
  13. Id take the $100 and still beat the living fcuk out of him.

    but thats just me.
  14. I work at a building that has a lot of tourist traffic .. it's surprising just how many people love to jump on parked bikes and have their photo's taken.
  15. you should put a coin slot in the tank and charge the bastards for the privilege!
  16. The only question that should have sprung to mind is whether you should have worn your gloves or not.... Yeah i'm a thug, even worse a try hard thug lol
  17. The thing is, if you touch the other party, you will be in deeper trouble than he or she is. They call it assault.
  18. I would haved put on my gloves, covered in a nice kevlar material and started making a few dints and scratches of my own - in his face!!!!

    dude $100 is piss weak.......hope there isn't too much damage.

  19. Perhaps you need a set of pungi (sp?) spikes to attach to the seat of the bike.

    Similar to the spikes they put on the overhead lights at train stations. A metal plate and 4 spikes sticking out - guaranteed to stop any buttock making contact with your bike. :wink:
  20. +1 to you for extracting 100 bucks out of the drunk instead of giving him the "right" payment ang the "left" change combination with a bonus boot slider to the chin :LOL: