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not happy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GMAN, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. :cry: my lovely carlton team is noe havin a wooden spoon next to there name

  2. Somebody has to; it must be their turn!
  3. and the tax man is going to take it and stick it up collo's arse for not paying tax's on the social club last 2 years two . :D
  4. Sorry Gman but I think it's the best news ever. hehehehe

    :D :D
  5. Sorry Gman but I think it's the best news ever. hehehehe

    :D :D[/quote]

    :? u must be a collingwood or essendon fan lids!!!!
  6. Gman, I go for the Pies!!!

    :D :D

    CARNA ROOS :p :p :p

    Funny thing is tho the last couple of years I have been wanting North to finish last :shock: yep that right dead bloody last with less then 6 wins so we could get priority draft picks and build a team like St Kilda. And what do the scum sucking scumbags do.........looks like they will play off in the finals this year for christ sakes :evil: :evil: :evil:

    Look at it as a positive mate. You will be down for a few years and kick butt again in a few more and should have a powerful team for a ten year period. A few years pain with ten years gain. And on top of that you have the BEST coach going around IMHO.

    Cheers 8)
  8. Being a brissie boy , Carn the LIONS . :D Not many admit being a roo's supporter Dazza :LOL:
  9. Well, look on the bright side, we're going to thrash the poms at cricket!!
    (Hey midnight, is your nocturnal posting the reason for your nick???)
  10. It should be hornet(since i dont sleep alot) but no , thats not why . I rebuilt a z650 back in the early 90's and chose a midnight black paint . The name has stuck ever since .
  11. All is explained!

    Ah, I see
    Hopefully the up-coming sentence might change the sleep patterns? There's nothing worse than having to face the day with too little sleep!
  12. Yeah the mighty Tigers were getting way too comfy there! pmsl!
  13. Well looks like coaches don't change teams, if you don't have the talent that's it. and they thought Pagan was going to give them a premiership.
    Maybe a new team and coach needed!!!!!!! :roll: :?:
  14. How on earth is Fevola worth $400k/pa is beyond me...... :roll: