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Not Happy Jan............. :-(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Iffracem, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. Yesterday was a public holiday here in Hobart (Hobart Show Day), bloody beeeeooootiful day.

    Not Happy #1:
    I was working, as the offices in the rest off the state were still open.

    Parked the bike right up near the back door in the covered carpark, I don't usually park there cos I find people can't resist playing with the bike, flicking switches, adjusting mirrors, putting it in gear etc. But yesterday I thought it'd be OK as bugger-all people were around, and you need to get past two electronic security doors/gates to get at it

    So left the bike parked, placed the helmet over the left mirror, nice and secure, wont fall off.

    Not Happy #2:
    Miserable work day, watching the sun thru the skylight (no windows) nothing working properly, bloody hopeless.

    Not Happy #3:
    Finally knock off.... go to get the bike.. OOOH NOOOO!!! it's lying down! :cry: Not too bad tho, apart from obligatory broken clutch lever.

    Not happy #4:
    Bloody helmet was under the Bike!!!
    Thoroughly gashed, with back vent snapped/broken, & it's lying in the pool of spilt petrol... It's knackered, because of impact, and worse, the petrol. It's only 8 months old, and I'd just bought a new tinted visor ready for summer. :evil:

    Not Happy #5:
    Bike shops closed due to show holiday, can't replace clutch lever, or helmet.

    Not Happy #6:
    Ever ridden 26 K's with a snapped clutch lever?
    It's OK when your going, I rarely use the clutch to change up, I do going down thru the gears but it's easy enough on an Across to change down without clutching. But taking off up hills on a heavy toofiddy requires some clutch action, every bleedin set of lights that went red was on an uphill take-off

    Not Happy #7:
    Petrol in a helmet STINKS!!!

    Dunno why the bike was on the ground, I doubt if it was knocked over. More likely that the sidestand folded as the bike was pointing slightly downhill.

    But I can guarantee that someone walked past it while it was down and never called me, even tho there's a big for sale notice with a photo and contact details all over the place, and everyone knows me here. :evil:

    I fixed the clutch lever tho, good as new (probably stronger)

    Risked the old helmet for one last ride into work, managed to find a decent replacement at lunch, got an OK discount for being a Ulysses member (and a promise of some forestry maps to the chook chaser riding salesman :wink: )

    Not a good week ](*,)

    At least I might have a buyer for the Across tho.......

  2. Isn't is good to know that The Great Knackerer was working the public holiday too?

    Have you run over a black chinese cat as it dodged under a ladder or something?
  3. I've been told that I musta killed a chinaman in a previous life :?

    Lately my luck has been crap, but Hey... It's gotta change sometime eh?

    It will wont it......

    has to... right?.......

    PLEEEEZ tell me it's gunna get better......... [-o<
  4. Haven't crossed any black cats lately, have you, JJ??
  5. That sucks :( Sorry about your bad day..I hope next week is much better for you

  6. 'Course it is - I promise :)
    Shit always seems to come in waves - but when the tide finally turns (& it always does/law of nature) good things will just keep comin' your way :D
  7. Does trying to run over any cat I can count as crossing?

    If so I'm stuffed :shock:

    Thanks SL, BB