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Not happy at all......

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jace_F, May 4, 2009.

  1. Ok, not much point to this topic except to vent!

    Was booked in for the prelearners last week at Clyde after waiting months. 5pm start, get there by 4.45pm. So I am thinking it will take me say....45mins to get there so il give myself an hour to get there.

    1 HOUR 45MINUTES!!!! 5.45pm before I gets there so obviously im too late to do the course, money gone, place gone and have to wait months to book in again.

    Man am I pissed.

  2. Hindsight is a marvelous thing, & very common. Foresight however is rare. :LOL:

    Perhaps planning next time will help! Good luck with it when you get there :grin:
  3. Thats so shit :( It sucks waiting to get in for the licence course!
  4. wtf, where were u coming from?
  5. Must have been walking :grin:
  6. Can you not book a test somewhere along the central coast/Newcastle? I tried to look at the availability here in Newcastle but the RTA site wouldn't let me in :(
  7. Ring and get a new date .
    Ring again 10am the next day and 3pm.
    Bring the date forward from cancelations.
    Ring again 10am next day and 3pm.
    Get a cancelation bring the date forward.

    Did this with my P's went from a 2 month wait ,to 1 week ...after about 20 calls.
    They lady will get to know you and will save a spot ,because you drive her mad ringing all the time. :wink:
  8. Yeah, you won't have that problem if you commute on motorbike!!!

    Keep at it, pre-learners was great fun. Where I did mine in Dandenong VIC, our instructor taught us all the controls, how to ride in a straight line, and how to ride in circles, and then asks "Now if you want you can stop now or continue riding around for another 10-15 minutes." Silliest damn question I ever did hear! You will never, ever, have so much fun at 10-20 kph!
  9. I might just try that......