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Not gunna do any mods - ROFL

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by peter-reebok, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. Ok, so I cant keep a promise to myself!.

    JSD Timing retard Eliminator, Ventura rack, Barnett Clutch cable, relocated reg plate, and now a stebel air horn.

    It seemed every man and his dof decided to move over on me last week, so a 139 DBa horn was purchased and fitted.

    Now watch them mobile ph talkers, or cereal eating coffee drinkers get a fright when I blast em in traffic!.
  2. TTIUWP.
  3. Yeh, I had it one day and went and bought a car horn and fitted it! It will be an air-horn next!
  4. That means your pipes are too quiet and you look unimposing. :p
  5. still no pics...? :roll:
  6. No pics

    Since the horn is UNDER the side cover, A pic would show nothing.

    The bike looks completely stock - the best pics are actually on the Suzuki website.

    Of course the one in those pics doesnt have the tyre worn all the way to the edge!.
  7. Peter How did you mount the horn?

    Did you make a mount or something?

  8. cut 4 slots in the battery/fuse box, threaded some velcro tape through, and tightened it up. 2 slots for stebel, 2 for starcom unit. 1 horiz slot for starcom unit so it is held in 2 planes.
    done over 1000 klms with the starcom unit held this way - no movement detected. The horn cant go anywhere really, as it is held restrained by the battery box and the side cover.

    I have seen some people use an alloy strap to hold the horn in, but with the starcom unit as well, the hole is filled in!.
    Big advantage of the horn being so close to the battery box is the length of cable is short.
  9. Pete, you got a pic of it mounted ? ... model number ? how much they go for ?

  10. Pics of it mounted - do a search on Stebel - have pics up here in a thread about horns, of it mounted on the M50.

    here is some elses bike with a pic of the side cover area with a stebel mounted

    I bought these from East Coast Spares - cnr North Rd and East Boundary Rd Murrumbeena - $50 inc relay. They have chrome ones, and red ones as well, some are are dearer.
  11. M50 mount

    here are some pics I found on my PDA - (slow day!)

    M50 mount for Stebel

    Ventura rack on 109

    Ventura rack with 51Litre bag AND 56 Litre bag

    Have some pics of a stebel mounted under side panel on 109 - over 2mb each - so will reduce them first!
  12. Pete, Hows the 9 without a windshield at higher speeds ?

    Have ya considered getting one ?

  13. Never ridden with a windshield - could be persuaded if I liked it - for now - like the 'naked' feel.
    minimalist is ok by me.
    If the nine had come with no chrome, just blacked out - I would have bought that one.
  14. Completely agree ... it's one of the things that attracted me to the M50 ... and away from the shiny bling of C50 or M109 ... the M50 is currently the only bike like it ... if the M109 looked more like the M50 ... more black then it would have been very tempting.

    As it stands the M50 is great for normal speeds ... I enjoy acceleration more than speed ... although I am starting to find WOT more often out of the corners ... time to increase the entry speed :)

  15. how can you have a cruiser and not modify it :wink:

  16. Pete, you mentioned that you replaced the clutch cable already for a Barnett Clutch cable. Is this for better quality/performance or your stock one was already causing problems?
  17. When I had the M50, I had a spare clutch cable - as I ride the bike for my only transport, and there is a six shipping time on a clutch cable!.
    When I bought the 109, I read the dialogue on a 109 specific forum, and there were a few clutch failures, due to the ferrule on the end of the cable being poorly attached on the OEM cable.
    The barnett is apparently of much higher quality, and the cable outer is of better quality (friction) as well.
    Haven't fitted it yet - but am having a couple of weeks off soon (surgery recovery) so will probably fit it then, and reroute it - the std routing rubs on a lower engine mount, and wears through the cable.

    Have decided to debeaver (remove the crap around the number plate/indicators, and relocate same), and maybe drill the pipes then as well.
  18. Much appreciate the information Pete, matter of interest I took your old bike for a ride while is was at BTX. Ended up buying a new C50 from Mick in Box Hill, toss up between the VT750 and the C50. Fuel injection did it for me. The M50 of yours went very well with additonal air flow and computer. Did you go with the PCIII for the computer?

  19. A TFI unit ( poor mans PCIII). it lets you add fuel. Also cures the stumble from off throttle to on throttle. Debafling and opening up the intake will lean it out. Adds some protection against detonation, for less than $200.